a touching review

I stumbled upon a review of my website the other day that touched me immensely. A reader in Indonesia (Google says the language is Indonesian so I am guessing) gave his thoughts about my stories.

Here is a link to the translated version if you are interested. If you have Google Chrome (which translates automatically) you can find the non-translated page here.

Do you enjoy my slice of life stories or is there something else you would like me to write more about? Please share your preferences in the comments below.

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midnight madness

Transformer explosion

Transformer explosion

BOOM! I was plunged into darkness as an explosion rocked my house last night. I raced outside to see a fireball at the end of my street. The electric transformer had blown.

I stood in my yard watching the fire. What were we going to do without heat? my neighbors and I wondered as we waited for help to arrive.

As the flames were dying we finally heard the sirens scream. “Why are they taking so long?” one neighbor asked.

“It’s cause we live in the hood,” I replied.

Several others echoed my sentiment. No one cares about the poor section of town. We’re all just druggies and losers anyway.

The fire had faded by the time they arrived. At first we were told that it would be morning before the transformer would be repaired but the loud protest – we need heat dammit – must have changed their minds. KU was on the way.

My neighbors buzzed in annoyance as the fire department waited for the utility company to arrive.

I walked inside and went to bed.

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Financial Minimalism

Financial minimalism the the art of reducing your expenses to a bare minimum in order to pay off debt and/or live a better life.

I do this by keeping my recurring monthly expenses as low as they can go to be able to live off of my book royalties as a stay at home single mom.

Financial minimalism allows you to live on a portion of the money that the average person does. My income is well below the poverty level but we never do without and generally have more than enough.

It is much easier to deal with financial challenges when you are a minimalist. You have lower monetary needs so you can thrive where others sink.

You don’t have to eliminate all of your spending. I have discovered that simply reducing your recurring expenses can be enough. You can tune discretionary spending up or down according to your income.

If you would like to learn more about minimalism I have a book available called Minimize to Maximize. As one reviewer noted, “This book is a jewel of inspiration for those of us working to stay on track living a minimalist life.” You can read this and other reviews here.

On another note: In just a few more days my book “The No Poo Experiment” will be raising in price. Buy it now to save.

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Below Zero

Last night I forgot to leave the kitchen tap dripping after I washed my hands.

The cold water froze solid in less than an hour.

The temperatures here in my little Kentucky town dropped to -24 last night. Wednesday night it dropped down to -22 and we’ve got another winter storm rolling in.

The water feed on the commode has been frozen for days so I placed a bucket beneath the tub faucet to catch the dripping water to flush.

I am SOO dreading my water bill.

The baseboard heaters are all cranked up and I’m supplementing with the little portables I happen to own. This is keeping us comfortable.

School has been out all week and it looks like it will be cancelled some next week as well. My daughter rather likes this.

I need to bundle up and walk to the store. We’ve ran out of some essential supplies.

How are you faring this winter? Please share your stories in the comments below.

On another note, I’ve found a new distributor for my books called Draft2Digital. They have the ability to list books on the Amazon store for free and distribute to Tolino. I will be submitting my books there as time allows.

Confessions of a Cheapskate is now on Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Page Foundry, and Scribd. It has been submitted to Apple, Barnes and Noble, and other outlets. I will let you know when they are available there (UPDATE: They are live on these stores as well).

The No-Poo Experiment is now on Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo as well as Amazon.

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Confessions of a Cheapskate is now live

cheapskate cover new

I’ve finished my latest book Confessions of a Cheapskate and it is now live on Smashwords and Amazon. I will post a link as soon as it is available on Amazon (UPDATE: it is now available on Amazon here) and other platforms.

For now I have priced this little book at 99 cents but I plan to raise the price in the future once it works its way through all of the sales channels.

Here is the official description:

Have you ever wondered about the crazy things that a cheapskate will do to save money? This book is a collection of stories from the life of Annie Jean Brewer, the famous frugalista behind Annienygma.com.

The tales in this book cover:

Dumpster Diving
Family cloths
Going without shampoo
Going Commando
Winter coats and maternity clothes
Freezer jeans
The Pepsi point summer
Ghetto auto repairs
Going car-free
Staying cool
Keeping warm
Eating out for half-price
Tomato soup
Cheap meds
Cigarette butts

Bonus content: Life After the First Great Depression

Each of these stories are true and shared here to entertain and inspire your inner cheapskate.

Have a nice day!

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Confessions of a Cheapskate is almost finished!

Hello everbody!

I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes not only updating some of my older book covers but writing a new book titled Confessions of a Cheapskate.

cheapskate cover new

This book chronicles some of the crazier things I have done and heard about over the years. While some of the information may be familiar to regular readers, there are a lot of new stories that I have never shared before.

I just finished the editing process so now I’m in the formatting phase while I prepare it for release.

It is amazing what one can get accomplished when one makes up their mind to work toward a goal each and every day! I am very happy with my progress so far this year and look forward to publishing several more books in addition to this one in the next few months.

As a reminder, The No-Poo Experiment: Can You Really Clean Your Hair Without Shampoo is now available at Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo in addition to Smashwords and Amazon at the special pre-order price of $1.99. The price will go up on March 4th when it is released, so grab it now to save some money.

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New Ebook Cover

Hello all!

I just updated the cover on the ebook “How to Start Out or Over on a Shoestring.”

Hope you like it!

start out over ss cover image

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Minimalism, Frogs, and Procrastination

I have written in the past about how minimizing your goals can make you more productive. It is much easier to achieve a single goal or task when it is the only thing you have to worry about, and having lots of things on your todo list can actually increase the amount you procrastinate on the important stuff.

For instance, my primary goal is to write and publish more books this year. In order to achieve this goal, I have set a small daily goal of writing 1,000 words a day. This single goal has allowed me to publish two books already this year with two more in the editing phase.

In fact, here’s the cover for the next book I plan to release:

ss girl confessions cheapskake cover

Fighting procrastination

Even with having only a single goal to accomplish there have been times when I have found myself racing at the end of the day to do the one major thing I wanted to do. It is just too easy to work on all of the little tasks first and put off the one big thing I REALLY wanted to achieve until the very last minute. This ticked me off so I set out in search of a solution.

Brian Tracy discussed this exact problem in his wonderful book titled Eat That Frog!. In this book he covers why this problem is so common and suggested that we select one major task to accomplish before we allow ourselves to do anything else that day. To borrow his phraseology, we need to eat the biggest, ugliest frog first to get it over with.

This is all fine and dandy, but how do we inspire ourselves to bite into that big, ugly frog?

I found a solution in a simple text file filled with three tiny sentences. Each day you select your biggest, ugliest frog, the one task that you want to accomplish, and you create a text file telling yourself that you are going to do that one thing, and when you do, that you will have had a really good day. You save that file on your desktop to remind yourself of the one thing you want to accomplish.

I take it one step further: I leave the text file open to remind me as I work of what I want to achieve. Here is a screenshot of today’s file.

my one thing

Action Steps

If you find yourself struggling to meet the one simple goal you have set yourself for the day, try inspiring yourself with a text file, then start on that task before you allow yourself to do anything else. Once you have achieved your goal, take a moment to celebrate, then go back to your day.

If you prefer a more traditional method, a post-it note with your single goal can be placed where you work to remind you of the one thing you want to accomplish that day. This has an added benefit: you can have the pleasure of destroying the note when you achieve your goal.


How do you manage to accomplish your single goal every day? Please share your stories in the comments below.

My latest book The Slavery of Extreme Minimalism and other Minimalist Musings has been downloaded over a hundred times in the few short days since it has been released. If you have received a copy would you please leave a review on your website of choice? Reviews are the lifeblood of any author. They not only show me that you are out there, they help others discover my work. Thank you.

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WCYN Interview

Hello everyone!

Once again I will be the guest of Mayor James Smith on WCYN-AMs Coffee Break Extra. This one is a personal interview as opposed to being about the local writer’s group.

Listeners can tune in from anywhere. Just click the “Listen Live” icon on the top of this page.

I will be on the air from 9:15am – 10am EST on Friday, February 13, 2015. Hope you can listen in!

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Free Book: The Slavery of Extreme Minimalism and other Minimalist Musings

Hello everyone!

For your reading enjoyment I have compiled a selection of eleven essays from this site, including the popular post about the slavery of extreme minimalism. This book is currently being offered for free to thank you for your continued support. You can download your free copy here.

Extreme minimalism cover


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