I Am Not A Minimalist

After reading several posts and encountering a revealing video, I have realized that I may not actually qualify to be a Minimalist.

I Don’t own an iPhone. Heck, I don’t own a single Apple product. Not a single iPad, MacBook, iPod, Apple Airport or any of the accessories that go with them. Instead I own an inexpensive Samsung cell phone too stupid to be called smart that I use for occasional texting on my prepaid cellphone plan.

I Use Windows. I have never owned a Mac and aside from geeky curiosity I have no plans to ever purchase one. I don’t even use Linux anymore in my day-to-day adventures, instead opting for the ease and simplicity of running Windows 7 on all of my computers. Oh, yes—I am a strong believer in keeping backup computer systems, especially since my bills are paid with the Internet, so I have more than one machine.

I refuse to purchase an iPod.  Their proprietary audio format is too limiting for my tastes. I prefer open source formats such as OGG and Flac, and use TCPMP on my aging Palm Lifedrive to play these and my other audio files while on the go. I’ve had my Lifedrive for several years and it works perfectly well as not only a music player, but as a video player, portable book reader, calendar, contacts manager, photo album and more. I see no logic in purchasing new when this still does what I want when I want it to. While I did try iTunes, I ended up uninstalling the application in frustration when it refused to do what I needed. Instead I now use Windows Media player with some plugins to enable playback of the OGG files that I prefer.

I own a van. That’s right—I don’t just own an evil car, but I own the scourge of the universe, a minivan. I bought that thing several years ago for $500, did some work to it and have drove it ever since. I’ve not only drove it, but I have used it to move house three times, slept in it on multiple camping trips, hauled around quite a few people and love every inch of it.

While I do supplement the van with my old bike on pretty days and would love to eliminate the insurance payments, gasoline costs and maintenance fees, right now that is just not feasible. Every other weekend I have to spend 12 hours in that thing (2 six-hour round trips) for child visitation, and as I had to move away from Central Kentucky for safety reasons I am NOT going to endanger my life by moving back just so I can be elite and get rid of my vehicle!

I own my home. It’s paid for, too! I see no logic in paying hundreds of dollars a month in rent when you can take a few hundred dollars and purchase a perfectly good mobile home to live in. You may have to rent the lot for a time but you will save a whole lot of money in the long run–you have to have the strength and the courage to handle the “trailer trash” jokes however. Since I come from the mountains they don’t bother me any—I just laugh at the thought of how stupid they are to waste all of that money on a fancy house payment when something much simpler will do the job just as well.

I have more than 100 Things. I have to if only because of the fact that I still do run a computer repair service out of my home and I see no point in tossing clothes I actually wear to get down to some artificial limit. Most of my personal items are contained on a single metal shelf along with extra blankets, sheets and whatnot but I have no real idea of how many items I actually own and have no desire to waste time counting the things either. I have better things to do, like research new frugally minimalist cleaning recipes, write articles for the Yahoo! Contributor Network, compile more ebook writing tips, show others how to prevent and remove malware, give links for those wanting to work from home, create fiction whenever the muse visits and blog for your reading pleasure. My plate is just too darn full of doing the things that I love to bother with doing stupid things that I don’t.

I have a kid who loves her stuff. She also has a small menagerie of pets which she absolutely adores and a Barbie and Webkinz collection that makes me shake my head in wonderment. She’s a kid, she likes her stuff and she keeps her stuff mostly confined to her room. I am not going to deprive her of childhood enjoyments because I want to limit the stuff that I personally own. When she grows up and moves out I can consider moving into a smaller place but until then this 720-square foot home will have to do. I just heat or cool a single room when I’m alone and working, however.

I don’t consider myself to be an alphabet-list blogger. I blog for personal therapy first, helping people second and “just because” third. I have no use for cliquey people who think they’re better than everybody else cause their cause or their clothes or their blog is considered the shit. I am who I am and if you don’t like it leave. I am NOT doing this to impress anyone, and I don’t give a darn if anyone reads this blessed blog or not! The only “A’s” in my blog are the first and last letters of my name Annienygma, and that is just the way I like it. The rest can figure out where to kiss, thank you very much!

I don’t do consultations or help set up websites. I’ve done home computer repair jobs in the past and hated it so I doubt that you could pay me enough to get me out of this house to help you set up a blog. If you want to learn about a Minimalist Business go buy the book and leave me be.

Using these and other reasons I find that I may not qualify to be an official Minimalist but you know what? I just don’t care! I’m a lot more minimal than the packrats I see around me—I’m a lot more minimal than myself from the previous years past and THAT is what matters to me.

However, for the sake of full disclosure I find I must be honest with my readers and admit I may not qualify to be a Minimalist guru but then again that’s not why I started this blog to begin with.

I started Annienygma just to be me, and I’m going to continue to be me, which means that along with the minimalist stuff that I do you will discover frugality, humor, personal items and computer tips as I wade my way through this world. Oh—and you will see links to books that I like and have created. They’re like my children so I can’t resist!

Annie Jean Brewer

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14 thoughts on “I Am Not A Minimalist

  1. Annie Post author


    I looked at a Moleskine journal once–promptly put it back when I saw the price tag! Why pay for status when I can take notes on my laptop (and Lifedrive) for free?

  2. The Everyday Minimalist

    I have a Macbook, iPod, iPod Shuffle and iPod Touch :)

    BF also owns a bunch of Apple items too.. but I use my PC the most (Sony Vaio), about 99% of the time.

    I too own a minivan by the way :) I don’t think it’s the scourge of vehicles.. I thought the SUV or hummer was. Right? No?

    1. Annie Post author

      I’ve heard minivans ranked right along with SUVs and hummers left out of the conversation entirely lol! If I was back in the mountains, I would have to have an SUV or a 4-wheel drive truck for winter–they are practical in those areas (especially where I come from). My van is perfect for my life right now though!

      I would like to learn more about Macs if only to learn how to fix them–I just can’t justify the expense just to learn how for the rare Mac customer I actually see, you know? I use to use Linux a lot but I got a really good deal on a volume license of Win7 and since it is stable and does everything I need it was easier to switch everything to the single OS than it was to continue maintaining 4 operating systems (Linux, XP, Vista and 7).

  3. Robert Wall

    The way to fix a Mac:

    Remove any network cables, thumb drives, or other USB devices.
    Remove the Mac from the desk.
    Procure a replacement Windows 7 PC, and put it on the desk where the Mac was.
    Reconnect network cables, thumb drives, and other USB devices.

    All kidding aside, I can fix PCs but I don’t do anything with Macs much beyond look at them and say “yup, it’s broken.”

    Macs (and, increasingly, all-in-one PCs) are getting to the point where they’re so tightly integrated and so compact that I’m just not comfortable working on them. Trying to fix one thing could easily wind up breaking another.

    Just my $0.02.

    1. Annie Post author

      *Laughing* That’s a good one!

      I’ve rebuilt a few desktops (think that is the Mac term for cleaning them out), corrected a few driver errors and such but that is the limit of my expertise with them. They are similar to Linux in layout but I wouldn’t even try to do anything but blow out the dust with the PowerPC versions, and I know the Intel versions only take specific hardware so I still continue to not touch them.

      A lot of devices are built mostly into the single motherboard, and on those if you cannot find a USB equivalent on an out-of-warranty hardware failure it is cheaper to just replace the whole device :( Such our life has become–disposable.

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