Downside to Printed Books


There is much discussion over whether printed or digital books are the best for readers. Some say that paper books are best because you can hold them and read them without electricity, and don’t need special technology to access them.

These are all good points, but there are some downsides to printed media. One of the big ones being that the bindings wear out.

 One of my very favorite books is The Prosperity Bible. I purchased a physical copy several years ago before I fell in love with the Kindle reading application (I still don’t own a Kindle, instead I read them on my laptop and netbook instead). I paid around $50 for a copy of this book at Books A Million, and to me it was worth every single penny.

I have read and re-read this book many times and the other night my worst fear came to pass: the pages are separating from the binding. This is an expensive hardbound book but it could not hold up to the constant reading and moving around that I do.

I could have taken it and had it rebound, or purchased another copy, but there are other disadvantages to physical books that this would not have solved. This is a rather large book, it is awkward to carry it around everywhere as I would like to. It will fit in my big bag, but it leaves little room for other items. My netbook is smaller than this volume and considerably lighter, to give you an idea.

As a result while I toted it many places a lot of times it got left at home and I read other books on my netbook simply because it was too large to carry around; at night I had to have a light on to read it, so instead I would grab my faithful netbook, place it the white text/black background setting with the brightness placed on the lowest level and use it for my bedtime reading companion.

20110705 book binding failureWhile I was looking at these issues I finally realized what I needed to do.

It was time for my old faithful friend to join the digital age. I went to the Kindle Store and purchased a digital copy of my old beloved book, The Prosperity Bible.

Now my favorite book goes with me to work, where I read it on my breaks and also tucks me into bed at night. I’ve made much more progress through the 19 books this volume contains as a result of the newfound portability!

I passed my old physical copy of this book (along with another book I have acquired digitally) along to Katie, who shares my love of this subject. She still enjoys reading physical books so it is the perfect solution for us.

Some may love their physical books but for me digital copies just make sense. I can carry a library around with me on my netbook and read them wherever I please whenever I please without having to worry about wearing out the physical copies. For a person who reads books over and over this is a big blessing.

Do you still prefer paper books? How do you handle the day when the books fall apart?


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Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

5 thoughts on “Downside to Printed Books

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  5. Christy

    Your post has gotten me really interested in “The Prosperity Bible.” I am going to go look at the library this week for it. Then I’ll decide if I want to spend money on it or not.

    If I do purchase it, it will be in e-book form. I got a Nook for my birthday and I love it! I am slowing changing almost my entire library over to digital.


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