The Case of the Eggy Burps

422642_377430822286377_205344452828349_1391523_2005737593_nThese past few days have been a bit of a migraine haze. I’ve done little more than lay on the couch praying that the world would just. Leave. Me. Alone.

When the pain finally subsided I found myself beset with a case of those nasty eggy burps – the ones that smell and taste like rotten eggs. Ugh.

I Googled and dug through my home remedies. Not a single home remedy referenced this icky tasting malady and most references to it online declared I was afflicted with a horrible parasite “GO TO THE DOCTOR NOW” sorta thing.

I knew I didn’t have a parasite; something was out of balance in my system, probably from that darned migraine. Parasites can’t handle the copious amounts of pickles and pickle juice I ingest.

I spread out my research net and discovered a simple recipe for indigestion: 1 teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a cup of water, drank slowly.

I mixed it up and sipped. The taste reminded me of Alka-Seltzer but without the fizz. It wasn’t unpleasant at all. Within a few minutes I burped twice – actual, normal-tasting burps. Next my system released one final eggy burp —

And all was at peace in my stomach.

No more roiling. No more bubbling. No more constant belching and gas-passing. It had ended as abruptly as it begun, all thanks to water and baking soda.

So if you ever find yourself beset with the eggy burps, also known as sulphur burps, mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water and drink it down. It worked for me.

Do you have any home remedies for upset stomachs and eggy burps? Please share your tips in the comments below.

Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

3 thoughts on “The Case of the Eggy Burps

  1. Shoshana

    If you get an upset stomach from to much sugar eat a pickle (preferably dill). I seem to be an anti-healthy eater and I’m in the habit of consuming to much sugar quite often – it works like a charm. Hopefully this helps in the coming Easter candy season!

  2. Jean

    Yes baking soda helps as also does apple cider vinegar. Works better than any prescription as I have found over the years of which I have many. Love your column


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