Too Much Furniture

Once the daybed was assembled I was faced with a dilemma – I had too much furniture for our tiny house! The generosity of friends and family had overwhelmed our tiny home.

Not only did we have the new daybed but two matching wingback chairs and a heavy-duty loveseat that looks as if the frame were hand-crafted from heavy lumber.



What in the world is a frugal minimalist to do? I’ve no desire to trip over excess furniture!

I considered our dilemma and discussed it with Katie. Something would have to go, but what? We loved both the chairs AND the loveseat, so what to do? I didn’t want to eliminate my daybed and go back to sleeping on the floor!

With a young puppy in the house, whatever we decided to keep needed the ability to look nice while withstanding the inevitable attacks from puppy teeth. I also wanted it blend well with our daybed and overall decorating style.

We debated on this until a friend mentioned that he knew someone who could really use (and would love) some chairs. Problem solved! Within a couple of days the chairs were relocated and our space restored. The loveseat is heavy enough to withstand anything we can dish out and any marks will give the piece more character. If the cushions are ever damaged they will be easy to replace with some upholstery foam and some fabric.

Sometimes minimalism just means admitting that you have too much stuff and taking steps to correct the issue. What do you do when you find yourself overwhelmed with possessions? How do you decide what stays or goes? Please share your stories in the comments below.

Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

2 thoughts on “Too Much Furniture

  1. Laurie

    Last time I felt overwhelmed with all I had I got rid of everything and started over with next to nothing. That gets expensive after a while unless you have friends that are getting rid of stuff. I wouldn’t recommend it for the sane person since there is a nagging desire to get all the things you got rid of again which defeats the whole purpose of getting rid of them.

  2. Heidi @Adventures of a Thrifty Mom

    When I start to get overwhelmed with stuff, which happens a couple of times a year, I go on a decluttering rampage. At these times nothing is safe! For about a week I’ll go through each room of the house and try to fill up at least a bag from that room. Just typing that grosses me out. We have SOOOOO much crap. Looking around I can see it’s time again… There are 8 of us here though so I do try to cut myself some slack.

    Most of my stuff ends up at the Humane Society thrift shop since the sales help fund the spay and neuter program. If I have a really large item that I can’t move myself I’ll freecycle it.

    On that note, as a single woman I really appreciate your decision/advice to not own anything you can’t move yourself. If been single for a very long time and moved a few times…why didn’t I think of that?! It would make life so much easier not having to beg for help when moving. I have a few teenaged sons in the home right now so it won’t be an issue next time but they won’t always live with me so I’ll have to be more careful with future purchases (or gifted items that I accept).


Your comments are appreciated. Thanks!