4 Reasons To Visit Your Local Rental Store

I’m cheap. Famously cheap. Since rental stores normally charge double what one can purchase things for outright I work hard to avoid these places.

However, if you can resist the lure of having expensive, unnecessary items instantly (for a low weekly payment of course) these business perform a service that can not only save you money but spare you a headache as well.

Here are four excellent reasons to visit your local rental store:

Reason #1: You need it NOW. When your refrigerator dies you have to locate a replacement ASAP. Otherwise your groceries will soon become inedible and you won’t be able to have a cold one when you arrive home from work. Items like refrigerators, stoves, freezers and laptops (if you work from home) are essentials but rarely break down when you actually have the money to shell out on a new one. Your local rental store can deliver on the same day, allowing you to squeak by until you can schedule a repair or locate a suitable replacement.

Reason #2: You only need it for a little while. If the grandkids are coming over and you want to make a splash by having a nice game system there during their visit you don’t need to spend beau-coups bucks on one. Rent one instead. You can borrow games from the library or rent them from the local rental shop and return it all when the little buggers go home. This will not only save you from paying full price for an item that won’t get used very often but will allow you to get the items out of the way when the need for them has passed. This works for furniture (extra beds for extended guests, large table for get-togethers) and vehicles (trucks for moving, vans for vacationing) as well.

Reason #3: You are planning to make a big purchase. You’ve heard that HE washers are more efficient and clean your clothes way better but are they really worth that price tag? Instead of purchasing one to find out rent it instead. They will deliver and set up anything you rent free of charge so that you can try out that big side-by-side refrigerator before you shell out a couple of thousand on something you may hate. This allows you to put it through its paces in the comfort of your home without any pressure whatsoever. This is also an excellent way to try out new cars and other high-dollar items.

Reason #4: The item has a habit of breaking down. Some portable items have a bad habit of going belly-up just as the warranty expires. When you rent items like this the rental company pays for any repairs, providing you with a replacement until it is fixed. This can save you a fortune in repair bills! Once I rented a portable washing machine, only to have the pump die twice in the year that I rented it. They sent a technician to my home to repair the machine each time; when he showed me the bill for just one of the repairs I discovered they paid more for the pump than I was going to pay for the washer completely. If you have kids, this may save you a fortune in repairs on items that they use like bedroom furniture and game machines.


While you are test driving that big screen television, talk to the manager about any good deals he may have. I once purchased a like-new living room suite for $200 this way. The company had been recently bought out by another company so all of the existing furniture was being sold at fire-sale prices.


Have you ever used a rental store to try or buy something? Please share your story in the comments below.

Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

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