It’s the end of the world: What will you bring?

I had the strangest dream. I dreamed that the end of the world had arrived and I needed to make my way home to my family.

I started out at a friend’s house with the two dogs. I snagged a vehicle (not sure if it was mine or not) and people hopped on left and right until we wrecked amidst the destruction.

Taking off on foot we discovered a dying man whose only goal was to give out the last of his ice cream, complete with sprinkles. His two employees looked petrified but stayed at their jobs until the last little sundae was served; people were standing in line to get this stuff!

I took some items out of the pack I was carrying and dumped it so I could travel lighter but I didn’t go ten steps before turning around. What if it wasn’t the end of the world and I need this? I reasoned as I reloaded my pack.

About that time the cat knocked over the soap in the bathtub so I woke up. I’m actually glad she did that–normally I don’t remember my dreams and this one was a doozy.


The thing that struck me in this dream was what I was carrying. I had the dogs, their two leashes draped around my neck (no need to bother with leash laws in chaos), and a backpack filled with books, papers, clothes and (surprisingly) no laptop in sight.

So other than the leashes I was packing around all of the stuff I don’t consider to be important while leaving behind the things I do.

Does this make any sense to you?

It occurred to me that I still have a lot of nonessential stuff weighing me down in my daily life. Some of it is physical, some mental and others are little time sucking habits that pull my productivity down the drain.

Hence this post.

Over the next year I want to analyze my life and identify some of the nonessential to eliminate. While I’m not exactly sure what will happen I hope you will come with me on the journey.

Do you have some nonessential things in your pack? If the end of the world started tomorrow what would you take with you? Please share your stories in the comments below.


Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

4 thoughts on “It’s the end of the world: What will you bring?

  1. bio filo

    It isnt the end of the world? Knowledge is more important to survival than most anything,but weapons, ammo , matches,string,a knife,clothing, and a blanket or sleeping bag, get me through most troubles

  2. Arachnae

    The end of the world *is* near and I think you are being told that you carry around much baggage as well as the things that matter to you. I think it’s a clear call for you to make up your mind about things but that is my humble opinion.

  3. Linda Sand

    Maybe your dream was telling you pencil and paper will work without electricity? Maybe it was trying to tell you there are still more ways you can become self-sufficient?

  4. Bj

    maybe it was because if it was the end of the world you knew there would be no way to run a laptop after battery power ran out? so you had everything on paper instead (you said you had papers). 🙂


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