Light Bulbs

Tonight was the first of several after school rehearsals for the chorus concert next month. Rather than drop Katie off I took my laptop so that I could work while she practiced to save on gas.

As they rehearsed I opened my latest project and continued from where I had left off—or tried to, anyway. I ended up just pretending to work as I watched the instructor demonstrate how she wanted the students to move and to act.

I took especial notice when she had to change their routine because some of the stage lights had blown. The students asked my question: "Why don’t you just replace the bulbs?” 

“Because we don’t have any money.” The instructor explained that the bulbs were rather expensive. I’m not sure if all of the bulbs cost $140 or that was their cost apiece; she lowered her voice so I could not overhear without being too obvious.

Hearing the news I finally got serious and turned to my laptop. I would love to have so much money that I could walk up to that teacher and write her a check for the bulbs in question but right now I don’t.

The day will come though, when my book sales are large enough, that I can do just that and more.

Just wait.

All I have to do is keep writing.


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Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

3 thoughts on “Light Bulbs

  1. Bj

    Even many who could easily have afforded to do that would not have considered it, Annie. Kudos to you for wishing you could.

  2. Barefoot Bodhi

    I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for my zendo. Our hot water urn is about to give up the ghost. We’ve had lukewarm tea with the post-meditation conversation for weeks now. I’m really tempted to go out and buy a new urn for us all, but I’m afraid it would make them uncomfortable, especially since I just donated a big bag of votive candles that I didn’t need.

    And the only reason I could even afford to do it is because I live well below my means, at least in part because of inspiring bloggers like you!


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