The Plunger Principle

You never think about one of these until you actually need it…

As is my habit after using the bathroom I pushed the handle to flush only to have the bowl fill up, gurgle for a moment then sloowly drain away. It left the toilet paper of course, not being powerful enough to sweep that down so I stopped and stared a bit in puzzlement.

My grandson hasn’t been to visit so no worries about something unwanted being tossed down there. Katie’s friend is old enough to know better and I’ve definitely not tried to flush anything unusual so what the heck?

I grabbed my trusty old plunger and pushed a few times.

No change.

I got a bucket of water from the tub and poured it into the bowl.

That didn’t help either.

I walked away and scratched my head trying to figure out what the heck the problem was and hoping I wouldn’t have to call the landlord.

Of course you know I couldn’t leave it alone. Within a few minutes I was back and plunging again.

That was when I noticed that my old faithful plunger wasn’t as elastic as he used to be. I didn’t even hear him getting a good suction when I pushed down and he took a bit before snapping back into his proper position. Could it be that my plunger was just old? Surely stuff like this doesn’t wear out…

Several months ago Mr. A had brought me a plunger he’d scrounged from somewhere. While normally I don’t keep extras like that I figured that if one of my neighbors ever needed one and I had a spare I could just gift them instead of loaning so I just stashed it up in the attic.

To test my theory I fished it out and placed it into the toilet bowl. A couple of pushes later my commode was flushing like a charm. Apparently toilet plungers DO wear out.

If you’ve had your plunger for a while you may want to give it a test run to see how well it works in your commode. That way you know if it has worn out BEFORE you actually need it.

As for me, I’ve three more things to be thankful for. I’m thankful I had the spare plunger, the intelligence to try it out and a commode that flushes properly again.

Life is really good.

Have you had anything wear out that you didn’t think ever would? Please share your stories in the comments below.


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