Use What You Have

We decided one day that we really wanted to enjoy a cheesecake but since my toaster oven is tiny we opted for the no-bake variety.

We brought the box home and as I readied the mixing bowl a horrifying thought occurred: I did not possess a single pie plate! How in heavens could we have cheesecake if I didn’t own anything to put it in?

I said a few unprintable words then considered my dilemma. I needed something small to fit in my refrigerator but large enough to contain a cheesecake. We have a cast-iron skillet but the handle would have taken up an excessive amount of space so what to do?

Inspiration hit and I pulled out our soup bowls. I wasn’t sure how many I would need but I wanted to be prepared. I placed a thin layer of the graham cracker crust up the sides of the first one. It looked acceptable so I continued with the other two bowls and then mixed up the filling. After splitting the mix 3 ways I chilled the mix until solid and then topped them with cherries.

This ended up being the best cheesecake ever, seasoned by creativity. I rose to the challenge without having to buy something – and it felt good.

Photo_031412_002Have you ever been stumped because you didn’t own a “required” item? How did you solve the problem? Please share your stories in the comments below.

Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

9 thoughts on “Use What You Have

  1. Linda

    We had to take a LOT of sandwiches to a function and did not have enough big platters so we transported them in the breadbin and used the plates at the hall.

  2. laurie

    That’s a good idea! If it’s already in invidual bowls there’s no getting upset when someone ruins the cheesecake by eating directly out of the pie plate to ensure no one else gets any!

  3. Frieda's Farmhouse

    Oh yes gal! Many times over. Been there & done that. ~smile~ Just yesterday I had ran out of my cheap foil & ziplock bags. Not needs, but they are a nice convienience.
    I had company and there were a lot of leftovers & not enough room to store a ton of tupperware. I found some white paper lunch bags in my cabinet & was able to different leftovers in them like chips & fruit.

    I’m missing my pie pan. So until I get another one cheaply,I use my rectangular glass pan & it taste & looks just as good!

    Hope you have a wonderful week~

  4. Lois

    Love this, we don’t have to own things if we aren’t going to use them often, this was a great idea and would give each person a serving size.

  5. bio filo

    ha! I manage to get by with almost all “requirements” hehe,with health,air,exercise,water,sun friends,books,pets, and an occasional baby to play with, I get by just fine most times.

  6. Charissa

    My husband informed me yesterday that he needed to take a cherry pie to work today, but I don’t own a pie plate. So my husband went to work carrying a square pie today, since I used my small Pyrex casserole dish.

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  8. pokeberry mary

    I’ve moved 8 times in 8 years and for the past several times I have had to maintain more than one home in different states. Its always crazy to try to outfit a new house, (this is due to hubby’s career) Anyhow yesterday I wanted to make a meatloaf and realized all my loaf pans are in the other house, so I used a regular baking pan and it was just fine. 🙂


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