Continuing Illness


Despite the efforts of our physician Katie is still ill. The fever returned shortly after her antibiotics were finished and has yet to leave. After a discussion we decided to run some more tests which revealed that she has a staph infection in her throat.

I’m not sure if the staph infection lowered her immunity so that she got the recurring case of strep or if the reverse is true. All I care about right now is restoring my daughter to health.

To avoid becoming infected myself I have placed paper towels by the sink for drying our hands; I would prefer to continue using cloth but there is a danger that I could become infected if I accidentally use a cloth she has used. I have also switched to antibacterial soap for the short term. I much prefer this overcaution to the continuing sickness that has plagued my daughter.

Neither bath nor kitchen towels will be reused until Katie has recovered; I considered having separate towels for each of us but I don’t want to risk Katie being reinfected by her own towel as she recovers. The extra laundry load will be worth it if it helps her to recover.

Considering that I’ve managed to avoid getting ill thus far I may be going overboard but I’m not in the mood to take chances. I believe that the microfiber has done its job of catching bacteria on our dishes and surfaces and credit it with helping to protect my health so far but I want this stuff gone. I just wish that I could protect Katie when she is at school or her father’s house.

Do you take extra precautions when there is illness in your home? What do you do? Please share your stories in the comments below.

Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

6 thoughts on “Continuing Illness

  1. sheila

    I go around and spray all community things like light switches, sinks and door knobs with Lysol spray. I was towels and bedding in hot and we take echinacea when we are fighting something or someone in the house is sick and I also make sure to do all dishes in HOT water. I hope she feels better soon!

  2. Michele Messier

    I have been taking lots of vitamin D and I have not been sick this year. There were free Ebooks about Vit.D benefits and how it is really a much needed hormone that regulates our bodies in many ways, one book said you should never get sick if you have enough. It’s just one idea that might help. Oh, also Aloe Extract would be soothing for the throat. I hope your daughter feels better soon! Both of you have a super sparkely day!!!

  3. Lois

    I am so sorry, a staph infection isn’t something you can take lightly. I hope Katie feels better soon and hope you don’t catch it from her. Try spraying areas with vinegar then hydrogen peroxide. It’s been proven to be better at killing germs than bleach.

  4. Kathy

    Hope Katie is better soon & you don’t catch it! I didn’t know it was possible to get a staph infection in your throat. We just generally wash our hands a lot in antibacterial soap and spray everything with Lysol a lot.

  5. Tammy B

    When we are sick I try to make my girls gargle with warm salt water morning and night, I replace the toothbrushes, I wipe things down with bleach, and I wash our clothes in hot water. I’ve also been known to put a very small amount of bleach in the dish water. I’m so sorry to hear Katie is still sick Annie.


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