Thanks to my effort in keeping the home super-sanitary I have now contracted a nasty case of hives. Since the only thing I changed before they appeared was to start using Lysol wipes (to quickly wipe down door handles, sink handles, commode handle, countertops, etc.) I suspect that to be my culprit. A search on the Internet indicates that others have suffered from this exact same issue so I may very well be correct. If so, they should disappear now that I’ve stopped using them (the wipes).

This really sucks.

Now I’ve got a sick kid (she’s still battling the Staph infection) and I can’t sit still because I’m painfully itchy. It’s to the point where I have scratched blood on my wrist now. 🙁



At least now I know that not only is vinegar cheaper, it is much healthier as well. In all of the years I’ve used vinegar as a cleaner I have never experienced anything like this!

With all that has been going on, I know something absolutely incredible must be right around the corner because it never fails – when life seems to be falling apart something absolutely wonderful happens. I wonder what it will be?

Whatever it is, I hope it comes soon. This is really starting to get annoying.

How are you faring this winter?

Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

9 thoughts on “Hives!

  1. pokeberry mary

    Wow! I hate hives! I’ve just begun to dejunk all the things with chemical addditives out of my cupboards and things with gluten– for my health. I’ve had fibromyalgia for years and years, and just found out that many people are finding if they get rid of these things, eat natural food, that they are starting to recover. I have to agree vinegar, ammonia and baking soda.. that sort of thing– they work! Why do we pay all that $ for chemical coctails?

  2. Laurie

    I seem to have gotten that mutant virus that resembles the flu from the overnight freezing temps. Luckily I”m the only one sick, if I can keep the rest of them out of my face it’ll stay that way. I’ve opted for the sleep solution.

    I woke up the other day to find the grease spilled on my stove the night before was still there. A bit of dawn and some vinegar water sprayed on it, now the stove looks like new.

    You may want to heat the water to boiling for the dishes to kill the germs from the infection though, that’s what I’ll be doing when I get well enough to focus.

  3. Bj

    Lysol wipes make one of my dogs get hives. A roommate i had before i got my house used them and i had to make her stop. I use vinegar mostly to clean

  4. LC

    You can wipe door/toilet/sink handles with hydrogen peroxide to kill germs. It’s cheap and can be poured in a spray bottle if desired. Dr. Mercola recommends wiping countertops with a squirt of vinegar followed by a squirt of peroxide.

  5. Melinda

    I used to break out in hives periodically. Eventually, I figured out that I was allergic to Niacin. My body’s reaction to the Niacin flush grew progressively worse through time until it reached the point where I’m covered in hives for days.

    Do you take some sort of supplement? It might be the cause.

  6. sheila

    Yes, I was going to say- Benadryl. I take the generic at night time when i get allergies or hives. The one awesome thing about your lifestyle is you don’t also have to deal with having to go out to work feeling like this!!

  7. biofilo

    I live in filth, the constant stress of poverty,through all kinds of weather. I think I avoid most illness, by undereating ,according to American standards, cold water bathing, and daily exercise. When I even think I may be starting to get Ill, I go on a water fast for a day. It works about 50% of the time. Hope You and daughter get well soon!

  8. LindaMay

    Sorry you are having a hard time.I have sometimes found that when one thing gets out of balance and you do different things to try to compensate something else goes out of balance as well. When I had arm pain and could not write I switched to dictating assignments and lost my voice. Yikes. It feels like everything is out of control when supposed solutions start to create new problems, but it will pass. You just have to ride through it I guess.


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