Mr. A’s Computer

Good news! Apparently Mr. A grabbed his laptop as he escaped the fire. He was unable to save the power cord but I had one that would fit. I thought he would split his face grinning when I insisted that he take the cord as a gift. I’ll replace it when I get paid in a few days.

It was so nice to see him smile for a change!


Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

7 thoughts on “Mr. A’s Computer

  1. pokeberry mary

    wonderful! I often think what I would grab in a fire… we had a real fire once.. turned out I grabbed my kids. period.
    but if I had time….(which you do not have in a fire) laptop would be on the short list.

  2. Annie Post author

    I went over to his friend’s house and connected him to my wifi so now he can watch his movies and stuff. I loved seeing him happy tonight.

    It isn’t much but that computer gives him pleasure, you know?

    Thank you so much Julie! I appreciate you!

  3. Bj

    That is wonderful, Annie, that he has that to give him comfort thanks to you!

    Mary, I have thought of it too and although there are many precious things like computer, family pictures, etc. Life is always most precious so it would be my companions, my dogs that I would do my best to save…without a doubt.

  4. Francesca

    Hi Annie,

    I wonder if you have considered the apple cider vinegar idea I mailed you with LOL.

    I have begun my own site,am in a bit of financial blah due to overspending and I know blogging will keep me honest.Thanks


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