one step at a time

Late last week Katie had her first visit with the specialist. The first round of tests involved what appeared to be over a hundred scratches and shots that covered her back and arms. These served to diagnose her with allergies to a number of substances, including grasses, trees, molds and animals.

After that we had to journey to the local hospital for some labwork. It took the worker quite a while to look up and properly enter in all of the tests that the specialist requested but after 8 vials of blood we were done.

I do not enjoy watching my daughter treated as a lab rat but such is the state of our medical profession. Hopefully some day soon the science fiction of scanners that pass over your body and diagnose myriad ailments will become science fact. Until then we do what we must.


I have made a personal resolution to do something every single day to meet my writing goals. The first few days were rough; I kept getting distracted at the thought of my daughter laying ill in the other room. I’ve soldiered on though and it seems to be getting easier. My muse definitely seems happier now that we are visiting on a regular basis again. I am relieved to be able to see progress as more and more words appear on the screen.

When not writing in the evenings I spend my time reading self-improvement books. These range the gamut from financial tomes to productivity volumes and inspirational literature. There is so much out there that I want to read – I’m very thankful that I’m a fast reader! By reducing my time-wasters (long baths are a HUGE weakness of mine when I’m stressed) and making myself focus I’ve surprised myself these past few days.

One thing I have learned from this experience is that no matter how bad things seem they can all be overcome if you simply take one tiny step at a time.

Sometimes all of us need that reminder to focus on the baby steps. Have you taken any lately? Please share your stories in the comments below.

Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

4 thoughts on “one step at a time

  1. Connie

    There IS such a machine! It’s called a “Zyto Scanner.” My fav naturopath chiropractor uses one! Dr. Jeff Hazim is in Fort Lauderdale, FL, if you want to check that out!

  2. Melissa

    So sorry she is going through all that. I wish for her peace and comfort and for you as well.

    I am taking baby steps too. My husband (age 48) had a stroke after surgery back in January, and I lost my job because they would not give me an extended leave of absence. Soooo, I’m trying to figure my life out while I take care of him. Tossed around the idea of writing. Any advice?


Your comments are appreciated. Thanks!