a weighty matter

I have received a number of requests to write a book about weight loss. This book was to chronicle how I personally lost around 80 pounds by changing how I ate.

Me at my heaviest

After the weight loss.

While I started this book some time ago, I have now placed this project on hold. Over this winter the stress of Katie’s illness (and my endeavors to keep whatever she would eat and drink handy) resulted in a bit of a weight gain. I’ve no clue how much I’ve gained, only that my clothes fit considerably tighter now.

Me now (sorry, folks, it’s the most recent body shot I have)

Because if this I would feel like a hypocrite if I were to write a book about weight loss while heavier than I desire to be.

Instead I intend to eliminate this weight before I will even consider writing such a book.

This will not only prevent me from committing the sin of hypocrisy, it will serve to demonstrate that the results are repeatable.

When my ankle has healed I will walk up to my vet and step on their scales; it won’t be a totally accurate starting number because I started my regimen a couple of days ago but it will give us an idea of how far I want to go.

my weight loss method

My plan to lose this weight is almost minimalist in its simplicity:

  • Drink water and zero-calorie drinks (with the exception of my daily cup of coffee or tea).

  • Only eat when genuinely hungry.

  • Take small bites and chew very thoroughly.

  • Stop eating when full.

I can eat what I want as long as I am genuinely hungry even if that is a candy bar or an ice cream.

That is how I lost around 80 pounds several years ago – and how I will lose this weight again.

this is not a weight loss blog

Since this blog is not about weight loss I won’t bore you with constant updates and I have no intention of using this platform to preach about weight loss. Occasionally I will post an update about my progress for those who are interested and that will be that.

I hope that you can now understand why I have placed the weight-loss book on hold and will indulge me while I take care of business.


Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!
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6 thoughts on “a weighty matter

  1. John Grebe

    I’m glad to hear that you are working on getting back and track and I really admire your integrity of not wanting to work on writing a book on a topic until you have a solution that fully works for you. I think in the end your book will be all the better as a result as I am sure that anybody who has seriously tried to lose weight ends up into periods when they backslide and regain some weight.

  2. Bj

    Good luck with the new weight loss program. I, too, lost some weight a few years ago (probably around 30) and have gained back about 10-15 of them the last months.

    My weight loss was due to giving up sugar, and foods containing sugar. Since I moved in October and have to shop different stores, I have slowly let sugar slip back in little by litter and its resulted in the gain. So I know that for me, I need to go back go avoiding it and that’s my goal.

    Look forward to the new book whenever you are ready, Annie!

  3. biofilo

    Losing weight should be quite easy, I can gain 20lbs. of muscle , or lose 20 lbs in a month or 6 weeks, with little effort, maybe I should write a weight loss book hehe.

  4. swalia

    i have been constantly struggling with weight issues.i manage to lose with regular exercise & a little self control on my eating habits but then again put on.i will look forward to reading your updates and good luck!

  5. Christa

    Hey Annie

    I just lost 20 pounds doing the exact same thing your doing. It really is a minimalist and simple eating plan, although harder then it seems. 😉 Good Luck!


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