Introducing NeoCities

One of the things I preach to new writers is to carve out a niche on the web.

Unfortunately, the selection of free places to do this is limited. However, a new place has come to my attention, a place where you can be yourself that is striving to focus on keeping things small – and free.

Neocities is a website founded by Kyle Drake that takes the basic premise of the old GeoCities and remakes it. Users get a website of their own with 10MB (yes, that’s megabytes) of space and free reign on what they can create.

The small size seems daunting, but there is a LOT you can do with that much space and it can be considered a personal challenge to my fellow minimalists out there.

Kyle has limited spots available so go forth and make some websites! Above all, have fun! You only get one life, so Act Accordingly!

P.S. Leave the links of any pages you make in the comments so we can go visit them – I cannot wait to see your creativity!

Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

6 thoughts on “Introducing NeoCities


    Dear Annie;
    You story is inspirational! I`’ve been trying to decide if I should share own rather personal but many feel _inspirational story . Your strength inspires me.

    Now I will begin living with less.



  2. BJ

    I remember the old Geocities. . . my first website was done using that! Cool that someone is creating something similar. I would love to see pages anyone creates as well. I tried doing a browse through, but seems many are begun but not much content. I already have a blog, so don’t need one at this time or I’d try it out. THanks for sharing.


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