Back on Facebook

When I deactivated my Facebook,
it was with the intention that I would
never come back.

But first my friends complained.

Then my family started asking me to return.

When my beloved Auntie made the request I was forced to reconsider. She
is like a mother to me and was genuinely upset that we could not interact
on her favorite website any longer.

With my beloved Auntie

With my beloved Auntie

As a result, after much thought I have bowed to familial pressure and
restored my Facebook account. While I don’t plan to be on there much, I
will go on to chat with family now and again. The best way to reach me is still through email however.

While I’m no more fond of the place than I was when I left, I am VERY
fond of my Auntie so what she wants, she gets.


Family. Gotta love ‘em!

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