Upgrading Older Computers for Free

Last night I decided that it was time to upgrade the operating system on my old Toshiba laptop.
I turned it on, started the distribution upgrade and an hour later I was running the newest
operating system available, Ubuntu 13.10.

Upgrading my laptop for free with Ubuntu

Upgrading my laptop for free with Ubuntu

The best part of this was the fact that it was completely FREE.

While I miss my Mac, Windows was just too slow for my needs. Perhaps it is just me,
but every time Microsoft releases a new version of Windows the old versions become
slower and slower every single Patch Tuesday. Even with a relatively new installataion
this happens. However, this time I refused to shell out for the new Windows 8 and instead
went back to my linux roots with Ubuntu.

I have been more than pleased.

Instead of wasting precious time waiting for my computer to load, I can start working. Instead of
fussing over antivirus solutions I can just skip antivirus entirely. Instead of wondering if the NSA
has a back door into my system I can rest secure in the knowledge that programmers the world over scour the Ubuntu Linux source code just to avoid such government interference.

And instead of dealing with an older operating system I can have a brand new one every six months
for the beautiful price of free.

Ubuntu Linux is ideal for those who like to use their computers until they actually die. It is
designed to work especially well with these older systems, making it an excellent choice for all of those
old Windows XP computers that are facing destruction because they are too old to run newer versions of Windows.

One of the things I love about Ubuntu (aside from the great price of FREE) is the fact that you can try it
before you install it on your computer. This trick can even be used to revive computers
with failed hard drives, allowing you to continue using the system without making costly repairs.

If you would like to learn more about how Ubuntu can keep your older computers alive and useful, check out my book How to Survive the Death of Windows XP. In it I teach you about Ubuntu Linux and how you too can take control of your computing experience while saving a fortune in the process. I ask for a token payment of 99 cents for this book, most of which actually goes to my distributors, despite the fact that this book can save you several hundred dollars in upgrade fees, if not the expense of an entirely new computer. I have done this in hopes of reaching the largest audience possible with this information.

Before you toss that old computer, I urge you to give Ubuntu a try. The environment (as well as your wallet) will thank you.

Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

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  1. Luz A. Carrillo

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