Fun at Goodwill


The weather finally gave us a break so over the weekend my daughter managed to drive us to the Goodwill located in a neighboring town.

Katie wanted some more school clothes as well as a dress for the upcoming Blossom Ball. I wanted some new skirts and tops to replace the ancient ones currently in my closet.

While looking around my middle daughter stumbled on this incredible skirt. It was white and adorned with red and green ribbons.

Despite the fact that I had no idea what I would wear with it, I couldn’t resist trying it on.

We all ended up taking turns twirling in that adorable skirt. My grandson even took a turn, twirling until he fell to the floor with dizziness.

We were all laughing hysterically by the time we were done and I was SOOO tempted to take that adorable piece home but alas, for the life of me I could not think of what I would wear with the homemade beauty.

Katie found a beautiful blue gown to wear as well as a pair of shoes to go with it. She also picked out a few tops for high school next fall, though I’m sure she will start wearing them before fall arrives.

I found three nice tops as well as three gloriously long skirts.

Middle Daughter ended up with quite a nice haul for her and her family.

The funniest part of the whole adventure (aside from the skirt incident) was that everyone kept mistaking us girls for sisters instead of Mom and kids.

Talk about an ego boo!

Before we headed back home we ran through a drive thru and I treated us to a quick bite as a thank you for allowing us to tag along on the trip.

It was fun.

Part of me wishes that I had splurged on that skirt though!




Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

5 thoughts on “Fun at Goodwill

  1. EcoCatLady

    That skirt looks like a Mexican Ranchera skirt like this one:

    Here are some in action:,550×550,075,f.untitled.jpg

    They are very popular in my neighborhood around Cinco de Mayo!

    I’m itchin’ for a GoodWill trip myself. There’s a big outlet store that CatMan and I ride past all the time on our bike rides where they apparently take all the stuff they couldn’t sell at all of the stores throughout the city and sell it at a deep discount. I think the clothes are sold by the pound! Of course, it could be dangerous as I’m likely to come home with WAY more stuff that I actually need!

  2. AngelWings

    Hi Annie,

    Lucky you! You deserve a fun day every now and then! Here’s a thought—write about your minimalist wardrobes from your closet (and Katie’s). Your life is so much happier than many other people’s lives out there. Love your posts!

  3. Belinda

    Great pictures! What a charming story. So nice that your grandson got in on the act. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Melissa

    Oh Annie! The pictures are wonderful and show the joy of simple pleasures. I hope the next person who tries it on will twirl also! What a fun day.


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