Lately I’ve been spending almost all of my time pouring over my latest book as I edit (I constantly proofread) and format.

Yesterday my family had enough of this and staged an intervention.

Middle daughter kept texting and when her incessant interruptions stopped working brought her whole family over to camp out at my house while waiting for Katie to come home from school.

Of course, she knows that this girl can’t get any work done with her grandson running around like a rabbit on crack.

I was eventually scooped up, forced to eat at the local Chinese place (I didn’t actually protest that – I had forgotten to eat all day) then went for a quick visit to her house to grab some movies that would hopefully distract me so I wouldn’t start working again.

One of those was the new Thor.

My kids know me too well, I fear.

Katie decided not to take any chances even with my favorite movie calling so she chatted nonstop until it was almost bedtime. I couldn’t have worked if I tried.

I finally promised that I wouldn’t work in exchange for a few moments of silence. I stuck in the new Thor and then realized a sad fact….

…I was too darn tired to even bother skipping through to my favorite scenes.

As I let it play I found myself drifting off so I just gave up and went to bed.

My first thought this morning was that I haven’t written a post lately so before I bury myself in this book again I wanted to let you know that I’m alive and working steadily behind the scenes. Knowing my kids, they will make it their mission to pull me out if the rabbit hole swallows me again.

Gotta love my silly brats!


Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

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