Selling on Facebook


I don’t sell a lot of things. To be truthful, I’m much more comfortable just giving stuff away than going through the bother. However, I want to sell my van so I decided to take my daughter’s advice and post it to the local sales page on Facebook.

It can’t hurt.

I should get enough money out of it to replace my Apple MacBook Air so I will have it for my work in addition to this iPad.

And I will be free of the burden of taxes and insurance for the first time since I reached adulthood.

I’m rather looking forward to that.

Eventually I would like to purchase a low-powered scooter to use to pick up Katie from school and putt my way to Winchester to visit my Auntie on sunny days but for now a laptop is more important.

Also, the wheels in my brain are spinning with the idea of turning this adventure into a future book project.

But for now my only goal is to eliminate the vehicle. Auntie is surprisingly supportive, especially as she has learned one of the reasons for my madness ;).

How do you sell things? Do you list them online, put them in the paper, or what? Please share your stories in the comments below.

Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

4 thoughts on “Selling on Facebook

  1. Mopsa

    This is great Annie! In the future, when my life is more organized, I plan to go car free too. The amount of money that goes in to a car is almost obscene!

  2. Melissa

    I have sold quite a bit of “stuff” on ebay. In fact, I found an old gameboy and a wallet my daughter didn’t want and I am packaging them up to mail as we speak. I also haunt the Goodwill and thrift stores for Lilly Pulitzer childrens clothes for resale on ebay. I would love to do it full time!! Good luck with the car sale!

  3. AngelWings

    Hi Annie,

    Good for you on selling your car! You seem so happy and free! I really don’t have things to sell but I do buy and trade many books and small items at a local, large, “you trade it” kind of bookstore. Sometimes I make quick cash or I can take the store credit. It’s fun and I am always entertained with new books and home d├ęcor. I really can’t understand the people who have an entire library of books that just sit there and take up so much space forever. I now have my Amazon Kindle and a couple of boxes of books that I like to save and that’s it!


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