Shopping Changes

I’ve noticed a rather important change that has came upon the heels of my decision to ditch my van.

I buy smaller quantities when I shop.

Considerably smaller quantities.

For instance, when the cats ran out of food the weather was rather unpleasant. Rather than walk all of the way to Tractor Supply or WalMart (or even call my daughter for a lift) I wandered down the street to my local Family Dollar and purchased a small bag from there.

When I ran out of sugar I purchased a small four pound bag instead of the bigger bags I normally buy.

And when I went to stock up on food I only purchased enough for a few days instead of the month I normally shop for.

It is too early to see if the change in shopping habits will affect my pocketbook but it is an interesting change nevertheless.

I haven’t not stocked up on a shopping trip since the days when I had to walk the three miles to the local grocery back when I was married.

Fortunately, this time I am walking by choice rather than necessity.

When you shop, do you stock up or do you instead purchase in smaller quantities? Please share your stories in the comments below.

Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

5 thoughts on “Shopping Changes

  1. biofilo

    Some places they say wal-mart will deliver if the purchase is $50 or more, so if they had that in any area You would be in how keen would that be? 0rder online pay online get delivered , sounds swell.

  2. EcoCatLady

    Well, I’m not brave enough to ditch my car completely. So, I usually do a weekly walk over to the local grocery store (about a mile away) and I tend to buy fairly small quantities. I shop with one of those hand held baskets to make sure I’m not buying more than I can carry.

    Then about once a month I’ll do a “stock-up” run where I take the car out and buy things like cat food, litter, and bigger/heavier stuff for me – if I’m feeling really adventurous I’ll go to Costco, but that’s usually only a few times per year.

    Sometimes I have the canned cat food delivered by Amazon. The price is comparable to what I can do locally, and I don’t have to bother making a trip! I also use Amazon for some of the “specialty” foods that I like – sushi nori, Chinese rice wine, and most anything else that would require a trip across town.

  3. Sondra

    I used to go to the grocery once a week. 20 miles each way. It seemed like we were always running out of things so I have been trying something new. I now go on Tuesday and Fridays. I am spending less money a week, we seem to have alot more food, easier to plan menus and it gives me more of ME time….driving and listening to LOA cd’s – about the only time of the week that I am truly alone!! 🙂

  4. AngelWings

    Hi Annie,

    You always have interesting articles. I have changed through the years. When I was younger like in my twenties, I had to buy smaller quantities of grocery items. Back then, I lived in housemate situations with only a small cupboard space in the kitchen (with a lock). I bought very simple foods that I could heat up quickly and easily such as chili, macaroni, and TV dinners. My roommates were not the nicest people, so I had the bad habit of eating food on the run to get out of the kitchen. I would grab my yogurt, or a granola bar, or a piece of fruit from the fridge and a drink. I tried to eat snacks in my bedroom quietly.

    Then I moved up in the world slightly to living alone in my studio apartment. Once again, not too much storage space and also a tight budget so I was in the habit of buying smaller grocery items. There were more frequent trips to the store. Sadly, I moved out of my parents’ home when I was young and I had never learned how to cook.

    Now I’m still living alone but in a larger space (small house). There is a two car garage so I park my car on one side and store household boxes and grocery items on the other side. I am finally in my adult life (45 years old) able to get ahead and stock up on groceries. Through, I have bought used cook books on budget cooking. I can make budget casseroles and desserts. I keep extra bags of flour, sugar, rice, and other staples in my storage area. I am learning how to live the Minimalist lifestyle, and I save money and time with my new cooking. I only shop at the grocery stores like twice a month (99 Cent Only Store and Walmart), and also go to a local church twice a month for a free food box. Now I am eating better and healthier (but it takes time to plan meals and cook) than in my younger days. Go figure!

  5. Sheila

    In the past, when I lived 15 miles away from a grocery store, I stocked up. Now I have to take my mother shopping weekly so I buy my groceries then, too. But I find I waste more money and food this way. I also need to go to a store every day to pick up my mother’s daily newspaper (which doesn’t offer delivery) and pick up what I need then.

    Having tried all three methods,I must say I prefer to just pick up the food I need for the day. Much less waste, that way. I cook simple meals, eat simple foods, so I really don’t have boxes of pasta, bags of beans, etc.

    Interesting post- food for thought!


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