The Write Club


One of my goals this year is to go out, make some new friends and have fun while doing it.

I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about that until I discovered that the local library actually sponsors a writing club.

I screwed up my courage and walked to my first meeting last night. It is a small group composed of both published and unpublished writers. To my delight they made me feel completely at home.

I shared a couple of chapters I wrote for Camp Nanowrimo last summer. To my surprise, the group laughed at the antics of my characters.

Maybe I’m on to something with that story!

It was a real treat to talk shop with other writers, critique for colleagues and have my own work examined. They even do writing-related field trips and invited me to come along on one they’ve already planned for the near future.

So now I’ve got a group to hang out with and actually be open about my writing achievements.

It feels good.

Are you a member of any interest groups? Please share your stories in the comments below.

Thank you so much for your help during my current challenge. You are awesome!

2 thoughts on “The Write Club

  1. bioliber

    No, I ma not a joiner but I do think of starting a cult of some kind ,to get sex, with minions does that count? heheheheheheheh

  2. AngelWings

    Hi Annie,

    Yes, I’m a member of a women’s knitting/crochet group that meets once a week in the local library. It’s both fun and free and I learn so much by just watching others and talking. They can help me with my project. I miss it when I can’t make it to my weekly meeting.

    Normally, I get a lot from these groups and clubs. It’s about the fastest way to meet a group of likeminded people and I can choose the nicest person for a new friend. I like the modern world of facebook where I can easily add my new friend and the friendship can develop in a safe and fast manner. (I find that FB is very good for new friends/acquaintances to develop relationships). I like to send thoughtful messages and photos to new people. There is also the advantage of talking about anything beyond the group’s agenda, like finding the best place to service your car, the best Mexican restaurant, the local weather, and life in general.

    As a Minimalist person, my hobbies are quite cheap with just yarn for knitting and crafts, used amazon books and Kindle books, and my spiritual New Age groups. I like anything free, such as attending a free music concert in the local park. These groups take a lot of my free time–which is good. I have changed so much and the old me would go out with a certain girlfriend and her “hobby” was shopping at the mall and “let’s do lunch”. Now when I go out with a friend, it’s always food with a coupon (buy one get one free) or buy a coffee to get a free donut with a coupon at the local donut shop. I don’t eat out at expensive restaurants, go out to movies, hang at the mall, take expensive vacations, or have a really expensive sport. Before I moved here, there was a spiritual group that was like a family to me!

    A long time ago, I went to a group here in AZ called, MUFON—(mutual UFO group)—and met that famous person, Travis Walton, and he was one of their guest speakers! His story was made into a movie, “Fire in the Sky”, about being abducted by UFO’s in N. AZ…..interesting since his coworker group at the time (all witnesses) each passed a lie detector test about what they saw!

    I believe that the religious groups can become like your second family (Christian or other) and maybe like your family if you don’t have one–(I’m an only child without a big extended family).

    So, I find that the real world is often more interesting than the people (not us) who waste lots of money on entertainment, food, and expensive TV.

    Good article Annie! 🙂


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