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“I believe that this is one of those Kindle ebooks that, by changing your attitude to everyone and everything around you, can transform your life almost overnight.” -- Allie Lo


Are You Overwhelmed?

Are you tired of working constantly, fighting constantly and never seeming to make any headway? Minimalism can offer a solution to your problems. By eliminating the nonessentials you can free your time, space and money for what YOU want in your life.

Minimize Your Stuff to Maximize Your Life!


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Why Minimalism?

Over a decade ago I found myself a single parent of three young daughters. After cramming as much of our stuff into a tiny mobile home that would fit, we put the rest in a storage building. Every week we would drive there, rotating items into and out of storage in order to just have enough room to breathe.

In those days the kids could demolish three rooms in the time it took me to clean one. It was a never-ending battle; I worked multiple jobs, went to school, cared for the kids but somehow I still had to find time to take care of our home. I was so completely exhausted that when friends even suggested I take some time off I became hostile; I desperately needed MORE time to do what needed to be done, not LESS!

One day in a fit of rage I started gathering up stuff and throwing it away. Oh my! The open space recharged me, inspired me to do even more. Boxes and bags and more ended up dumped at the curb on trash day and I came to a realization that changed my life:

The less I owned, the easier it was to clean.

The less I owned, the less there was to trip over.

The less we had, the less I had to work to pay for it!

Eventually I was able to pare down not only our possessions but our finances as well. This enabled me to pursue two of my most cherished dreams: that of a writer and that of a stay at home single mom. I purchased a mobile home in Western Kentucky and counted my blessings.

When my youngest daughter was taken from her elementary school by her father in late 2009 I used minimalism to focus upon what needed to be done to get her back.

In February of 2011 I took minimalism to the limit for this challenge. I gave almost everything we owned—mobile home, furniture, clothes and all—to a homeless woman, loaded up my van and drove away to get closer to my daughter and eliminate that drive.

Who Cares?

“I was left feeling like I need to read it through another time or two before I am ready to take notes on it. Which goes to show how much substance such a little book has, especially from the perspective of a person who is well read on the topic of minimalism.” -- John Grebe


Your problems may be different but your situation is the same. You spend countless hours working and caring for things that really aren’t important to you. Things you may or may not know if you can live without.

Things that you keep because you’re afraid of what others will think if you get rid of them.

I know. I’ve been there.

I learned a lot of lessons in the decade I have studied and practiced minimalism. I have made mistakes and learned valuable lessons.

I have also gained a freedom that most only dream of, a freedom that would have been impossible without minimalism.

In this book you will discover:

ü  You don’t have to deprive yourself in order to be a minimalist.

ü  There is no “wrong” or “right” type of minimalism.

ü  The advantages you experience when practicing minimalism.

ü  How to quiet the thoughts that are raging through your mind.

ü  The art of minimizing your commitments.

ü  How to increase your productivity.

ü  Five types of friends you should minimize your contact with.

ü  How to simplify your diet.

ü  Why you should minimize your finances.

ü  A risk-free way to minimize your possessions.

ü  Suggestions on minimizing your living space.

ü  How to maximize your dreams.

This book is born from real-life experience, designed to help you free yourself to achieve the goals that you desire without making the mistakes commonly made by newcomers to the minimalist movement.

Just as I have used minimalism to become a stay-at-home single mother and bestselling author, you can use minimalism to achieve YOUR dreams.

Do you want to achieve YOUR dreams?


“I was captivated by Annie's story immediately. I remember the days of kids and clutter and I could relate to how she felt when she discarded it all. I feel that way now. This book is a great motivation to get rid of the clutter and scale down to live a more peaceful and organized life.” -- Cher Hokuber

Annie Jean Brewer is a frugal living expert who combines minimalism and frugality to live the life of her dreams. You can learn more about her by visiting her website