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Stay At Home, Mom
Even if YouÕre Single!


Being a stay at home mom (SAHM) is a challenge in this 2-income world. For the single parent it can seem almost impossible. How in Heaven's name can one be at home with the kids and still pay the bills?

Thanks to modern technology and a global workplace it is not only possible, it isn't very hard to do. Except for a brief job I took out of boredom I have worked from home since 2008. I have supported my daughter as a single stay at home mother with passive income (IÕll explain this term in a bit) from my blog and book sales alone for over a year now. Before that I supported us through freelance work, telecommuting positions and even a computer repair business.

These days I don't really have to work; I take days and sometimes weeks off to enjoy the weather or to hang out with my kid. Once I removed the necessity to work it became enjoyable so now I write because I love what I do.

Anyone can do this; it doesn't take any special skills or education. I have little more than a high school diploma1 myself. Regardless of your education level YOU can do this too! You actually have an edge over your fellow parents. How? You are reading this book. That demonstrates that you have a strong desire to improve your life and that you are willing to learn, grow and do what it takes to make it happen.

Within these pages you will find the same method I used to become a single stay at home mom with an income that arrives every month whether I do anything or not. I know that your personality and situation may be different so I am going to offer some options for you to consider but the focus of this book will be on the area that I know best; that of selling information.

Inside you will find:



What are the benefits of being a SAHM? 

How do you know so much about being a SAHM?

Can I become a SAHM without an education? 

How much money can I make?  

How can I earn money as a SAHM?

Where can I work?

How can I work with my kids underfoot?

I have a boyfriend/husband. Why do I need to bother with this?

My boyfriend/husband doesn't want me to work. Should I do this anyway?

Will I have to work ALL of the time?   

Can I stop working for passive income? 

What about taxes?

What equipment do I need?



Accept Help  

Money Talks  

Active Income

Passive Income

Which Should I Choose?  

The Transition



If you are serious about being a stay at home mom (SAHM) donÕt let being single stop you. Let it empower you instead!

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Annie Jean Brewer combines minimalism with frugality to live her dream of being a stay at home single mother. She is the author of 19 books, several of which are Amazon bestsellers.

She currently lives in Central Kentucky with her daughter and a small menagerie of pets. She loves reading, taking long walks and fostering animals for a local rescue. You can discover more about her at