About Annie

Katie’s favorite picture of me for some odd reason.

I come from the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. The daughter of an ex-con and a dancer, I spent my formative years helping my father bootleg to make ends meet.

I became an adult and an unwed mother in rapid succession before marrying a man who told me “the only way you will get away from me is if one of us dies.”

I proved him wrong. Choosing not to remarry, I went on to live a simple life in a simple home. I have a simple job. I volunteer with a local animal rescue. I spend my spare time enjoying my children and grandchildren, caring for my home and pets, reading to expand my mind, and writing.

I started this website over a decade ago when the Minimalist movement was big. I’ve learned a lot since then so my views on life have changed as a result. Rather than whitewash my past, I’m owning it. My old stuff will probably sound a lot different from the new because of that, however.

Contact Me

If you want to tell me to go jump off a bridge here’s how you can do it. If you want to reach out and say hi or you have a suggestion that’s even better. I prefer that to the “go jump off a bridge” any day.

email: annie(at)annienygma(dot)com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annienygma
Twitter: https://twitter.com/annienygma


If you would like to help keep this website alive I have set up a donation link through PayPal.

Thank you so much for your support. You are awesome!


A while back I had a battle with hackers over this website. To defeat them I deleted everything and started completely over so that I could make sure that I eliminated any possible back doors buried in the years of work I had put into this place. Fortunately, the Wayback machine has an archive of the majority of my old posts so you can check them out here. It isn’t perfect but it’s better than nothing. One of these days I’ll gather them all together and publish them, but today is not the day. My time is currently limited since I work for a living.

I don’t have share buttons on this website because of that attack. Every single plugin you include on your website is a potential way in for hackers so if you want to share something from here you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way. I refuse to endanger my readers for the sake of convenience.

In the meantime if you subscribed in the past you might have to subscribe again (sorry). It was either that or risk exposing you all.

Anyway, love you guys but gotta go. We’ll chat later, okay?