Bedtime Routine

Time is the one thing I never seem to have enough of. Between my public job, caring for my home, and writing I never seem to have enough time to pursue my self-education goals.

While I read on my days off and on my breaks at work my progress was annoyingly slow. It took weeks to finish a single book and I watched my reading list grow longer with frustration.

One evening I collapsed into bed, exhausted from my shift at work. It was one of those nights where you desperately need sleep but your mind refuses to allow you the luxury. I snagged my current book off the shelf in hopes of settling my mind. As I snuggled down to read a memory from my childhood surfaced.

While I was in the second grade I ended up with a copy of The Wizard of Oz thanks to the local RIF program. I adored that book. Every night I would snuggle in bed and read several chapters before I fell asleep. I probably re-read that book a dozen times before I moved on to another.

Filled with warm fuzzies from the memory I read a couple of chapters in my current book before Morpheus began tapping on my shoulder. I ended up dozing easily and woke up refreshed the next morning.

Since then I have altered my bedtime routine. Instead of checking my email and trying to write a bit more before bed I now turn on some relaxing music and snuggle up with my current book. My reading progress has skyrocketed as a result.

Not only have I managed to increase the amount of reading I do my sleep quality has improved with the change in routine. Instead of tossing and turning restlessly, I now fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed.

Do you have a bedtime routine? Please share your stories in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Bedtime Routine”

  1. Yes, I always read until I feel sleepy. I have to be careful what I read, though, because some books keep me awake with anticipation.

    1. I know the struggle, Linda! I don’t allow myself to read fiction before bed for that exact reason–I’ll stay up all night if I become too engrossed in the story.

  2. I just love your blog, and your books!! You are such an inspiration to me, and i thank you for sharing so much of your life, and thoughts, with total strangers. I also have trouble keeping up with my reading and think i will make reading time more relaxing and special. Thank you, Annie!!

    1. You are very welcome Valerie. Thank you very much for reading my posts. I am so glad you find them helpful!

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