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Law of Attraction
  • Law of Attraction,  self-improvement

    An Experiment in Luxury

    It is amazing how quickly things can work out when you create an intention. Shortly after challenging myself to reverse the Diderot Effect in my personal life a friend came over to visit. Her granddaughter was moving in with her; did I happen to have any old children’s movies that I would consider selling on the cheap? I pulled out…

  • Law of Attraction


    We are attracting all of the time whether we know it or not.  All of our feelings good and bad are causing more of those same feelings and experiences to come to us. When we have a horrible day, we focus on how horrible it is.  We passionately detest the type of day we are having yet that very emotion…

  • Happiness,  Law of Attraction

    Gratitude List

    When you wake up every morning and sit down with your daily cup of coffee or tea, relax and start the day with a gratitude list. Use a pen and paper to write down every single thing you are happy and grateful for. Don’t leave anything out—write everything down that comes to mind. This may seem hard at first or…

  • Law of Attraction,  Life

    Relationship Epiphany

    It has just occurred to me that perhaps I am resisting the happy relationship I could be having. I talk about being lonely, and make plans for spending the rest of my life alone, yet part of me wonders if I really want to be alone. I want happiness.  I am going to stop and ask for a lead for…

  • Finances,  Law of Attraction

    Free eBook From Joe Vitale!

    Joe Vitale has released a new book titled “Attract Money Now.”  It is filled with wonderful information that can be used to not only attract wealth but other things as well. He has made this book available as a free download.  So go, download the free ebook.  Read and begin to attract all of the good things that you deserve!

  • Law of Attraction

    What Do You REALLY Want?

    I adore the Law of Attraction. I have used it to attract many things. However, one thing has stumped me for a bit. Back when I first started working with the Secret I put the request forward that I wanted to have enough money to be a stay-at-home mother for at least a while until my daughter was older. Next…

  • Law of Attraction

    Another Book

    These past several weeks have found me wandering the aisles at the local bookstores, yet finding nothing of interest. Yesterday I went to Office Depot to have a book rebound, and went next door to the bookshop to just wander about. At first I thought about buying a novel, but something inside urged me to set it aside and keep…

  • Law of Attraction,  Personal

    The perfect person

    I have put in the hands of Attraction that I would like to meet the person who is the one for me. Within days my ex-boyfriend came back in my life, and has been coming over quite regularly. This was quite surprising. While I do not know if he is the one that is meant for me, I do know…

  • Food,  Health,  Law of Attraction

    Following a hunch

    When you become closer to the Universal Mind, sometimes you get hints, or hunches that guide you in interesting ways… Like the hunch to move to a house that didn’t really suit us.. but across the street moved a lady who had a mobile home for sale that did – a mobile home whose layout is strangely similar to the…

  • Law of Attraction

    Recommended Reading

    For those who are truly interested in learning more about the Secret, this Law of Attraction, I have discovered a whole treasure chest of information, all contained in one single book. You won’t find this book in the self-help section; you won’t even find it in the new age section. Instead, I stumbled upon this gem in the financial section…

  • Law of Attraction

    Law of Attraction Strikes Again

    Yesterday I took the dog for a walk to the Riverfront. We had a wonderful time, and I planned to go to PetSmart and grab some things before heading home, but when we got back to the van, I noticed the back drivers side tire was very low. Normally stuff like that would annoy me, but I had a feeling…

  • Housing,  Law of Attraction,  Personal

    moving update

    We got to look at our new place yesterday. It is in good shape considering it’s age (36 years old) but of course needs a bit of work. First on the list is to get the roof sealed up good, as there is no knowing when it was last done! My daughter’s bedroom is very small, so will have to…

  • Law of Attraction

    Do Vision Boards Work?

    Just a thought before I go to sleep. Several months ago I read a book called The Secret.  In that book and movie, it talked about having a vision board and putting on that board, things that you really desire.   Well, we got a corkboard and put a few things up.  One of the things we put up was the…