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    Financial Freedom Update

    It is amazing to think that I started my third semester of college last week. It’s even more amazing that despite the challenging assignments, I managed to complete them with time to spare. I’ve spent most of my downtime recharging when I haven’t been focused on my book. The first draft is completed so I’m giving it a few days…

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    Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale

    Hello Everyone! Once again I have joined the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale. To thank you for being such loyal readers, I have listed all of my books at a sizeable discount or for free. You can find a list of my books here. All you have to do is click on the book you are interested in. When the description page…

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    Big Book Sale

    Hello everyone! I’ve enrolled all of my books in the Smashwords Summer/Winter sale. To celebrate not only surviving yet another winter, but to give thanks for just being in one piece I’ve deeply discounted every single book, making many of them FREE. This sale will only last a few days. Visit my Smashwords profile page to grab your copies while…

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    Time to Move on

    Now that the new Shoestring Girl is making its way through the publishing channels it is time to move on to my next book project. One thing I plan to do is take the old posts that were salvaged and format them into a book for your reading enjoyment. Next I plan to work on a novel. I plan to work…

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    Painful Realization

    I have made a painful discovery over these past few days: I am not as healed as I would like. I have severe issues when it comes to learning and using software that I wasn’t extremely familiar with before I got hurt. While I managed to get the new book formatted for print, I have had a nightmare when it…

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    The Shoestring Book is now in Print

    Amazingly, CreateSpace worked really fast; my book is already available for sale in print! You can find it on Amazon and CreateSpace. Katie and I are working as fast as we can on the ebook; I made a newbie mistake when I was creating it that has forced me to completely reformat it so that it will look right. Right…

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    The New Shoestring Girl Book is Almost Ready!

    Hello Everybody! I am exhausted. I’ve been working at this non-stop since I last posted. In the end I had to get Katie to help because for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to do some things with the formatting and I needed fresh eyes and a healthy mind to help review this 400 page monster. But…

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    It is Finished

    I finally finished the first draft of the new Shoestring Girl book. It weighed in at 135,097 words. Whew! Let the editing process begin!

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    One thing I have been doing with my latest book is to keep a running journal of my progress. Every day I post an update on my Facebook page to let everyone know how much I’ve gotten done. There are some days when I’m feeling lazy that I don’t want to write but, knowing that I will have to post…

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    My Book Killed Google Docs

    Hello everyone! I think I killed Google Docs. Well, if it ain’t dead, it sure ain’t happy with me at any rate. I’ve been having problems working on my current book for a while now. Google Docs began getting slower and slower, to the point where I would have to wait several minutes for my words to show up. The…