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Confessions of a Cheapskate

True stories to entertain and inspire your inner cheapskate.



Have you ever wondered about the crazy things that a cheapskate will do to save money? This book is a collection of stories from the life of Annie Jean Brewer, the famous frugalista behind


The tales in this book cover:


Dumpster Diving

Family cloths

Going without shampoo

Going Commando

Winter coats and maternity clothes


Freezer jeans

The Pepsi point summer

Ghetto auto repairs

Going car-free

Staying cool

Keeping warm

Eating out for half-price

Tomato soup

Cheap meds

Cigarette butts


Bonus Content:

Life After the First Great Depression


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Annie Jean Brewer is an internationally known author who combines minimalism with frugality to live the life of her dreams.