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 “For those seeking a solid methodology for using the Law of Attraction, this book is an excellent place to start” - BLummus (link to full review here)


How I Designed My Life Using the Law of Attraction…

And You Can Too

When this adventure began I was living in the projects working multiple jobs to support my family.

I was tired, broke, and completely fed up with being tired and broke. It seemed that the harder I worked the further behind I fell.

One day a complete stranger pressed a book into my hands. That book was "The Secret" and it completely changed my life.

Within six months I went from working multiple jobs to a single work-at-home position.

I went from a unit in the projects to owning my own home.

In time I was able to quit working entirely - I retired at the age of 41.

This book contains my story and shows how you too can design the life of your dreams.

This Book Covers:

What Is The Law Of Attraction?

How To Tell a Law of Attraction Expert From a Fraud

I Attracted a Home (and more) Using a Vision Board

How to Use the Law of Attraction

Emotional Guidance



Gratitude Reminders

The Positivity Journal

A Kickass Playlist

The Best Thing To Attract

How To Get The Life You Really Want

How to Attract Money

Give it Over To The Universe

The Dark Side of Attraction

Miscellaneous Attraction Stories

The Bible and The Law of Attraction

Recommended Reading


If you have ever wanted an honest report on the Law of Attraction, with proven tips and tricks to help you design the life of your dreams, this is the book for you.

Read it today!



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Annie Jean Brewer is a frugal living expert and author of over 20 books, including “The Shoestring Girl: How I Live on Practically Nothing and YOU Can Too,” and “The Minimalist Cleaning Method.” You can learn more about her at the #2 Simplicity Blog of 2012,