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Is Your Computer Driving You Crazy?

Are you tired of malware slowing your computer down? Are you sick of toolbars and popups? Do you know what to do if a virus strikes?

Get Professional Help!

I have worked on computers professionally since 2002 and these are the exact same steps and software that I use to prevent infections and clean infected systems. Now instead of tracking down the local guru, you can fix it yourself!

Contents Include:

Easiest fix ever. ~ K. McVey "Nytshaed"

The instructions , were simple enough even I was able to follow and implement. No screaming, yelling , or cursing,this time, ok some fist waving maybe, but I got it all done. Moms is computer now running smoothly as It can, and if She learns to get to Her email by herself things would be even peachier,hehe. ~ thefreelifelover

Fix Your Computer Today!

Annie Jean Brewer is a retired computer repair technician who combines minimalism with frugality to live the live of her dreams. You can learn more about her at