Simplicity of Menstrual Cloths

As I have stated in earlier posts I now use family cloths instead of bathroom tissue.  I decided to research using menstrual cloths as well when I stumbled upon an article at Associated Content about using regular wash cloths folded in a certain way.

This makes sense in an incredibly simple way.

Think about it:  you already have wash cloths you use for cleaning.  Use those cloths you already have for family cloths, then when you cycle and need protection grab one of those cloths, fold and place in your panties.  Change the cloth each time you use the restroom and you always have a clean pad on.  This would be perfect for pantyliners or anything!

You wouldn’t even have to buy any special cloths, you just use the washcloths you already possess!

The simplicity of that method amazes me.  No having to buy this or that special item–just use something you already have, something that is ubiquitous in the bathroom!

No more worrying about an early period or unexpected spotting, or about leaking when you sneeze those last few months before the baby is due.  Just fold up something you already have and change it whenever you do what you normally do (use the bathroom).  How easy is that?

This doesn’t even have to be about frugality, about saving money or helping the earth.  This can be about simplifying life in general. 

Life is really good.  It is even better when you can figure out a simpler way of doing things….

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