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    Financial Surprise

    As I caught up on the task of logging the money I’ve spent this month I discovered that I’ve done a┬álot better than I anticipated when it comes to reducing my spending. Even with stocking up this month on pet food and supplies atop of saving some money back for the upcoming book/surplus sale the local library is hosting soon…

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    Getting Serious About Finances

    While many of the so-called experts are crying, I’ve discovered that my decision to enter the stock market could not have come at a better time. The US Government has decided that inflation is out of control so they’ve started to raise interest rates to “cool off” the economy. According to my research, every single time the Fed raises rates,…

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    How I Budget for Bills

    No one enjoys paying bills. I for one hate them with a purple passion so I strive to have as few as possible. When I moved out on my own decades ago, I really struggled. It never seemed to fail; a bill would come due before payday arrived or my check would be short and I wouldn’t have enough. I…