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    How to Annoy Your Credit Card Company

    It is becoming more difficult to live without a credit card in this world. You need credit cards to make online payments since more and more companies are moving exclusively online. Brick and mortar stores are beginning to refuse cash transactions now. I suspect that this trend will continue. While you can use the debit card provided at most banks in…

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    Thinking of Long-Term Goals

    Last night I fell asleep thinking about my long-term goals. Eventually I would like to own my own home and perhaps build a small real estate portfolio in order to provide yet another stream of passive income. I’ll have to build my credit if I want to accomplish that. I don’t like credit. Credit makes it far too tempting to…

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    It Pays to Use Cash

    How do you handle your money? Do you deposit your check every payday and then swipe your card when you want to buy something? Every time you swipe your card in public you place yourself in danger. Not only do you put yourself at risk of having your card information stolen by skimmers, you also run the risk of spending…