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  • self-improvement

    How to Jump Start Your Life

    Do you want to change your life but have no idea where to start? Look around. Think. Ask yourself this one question: What is the one thing I can do that will provide the most benefit to my life right now? Everyone has that one thing that they’ve been ignoring, that one thing that would provide massive change if they…

  • Finances

    Who Do I Think I Am, Wanting to Get Rich?

    The past few days have been filled with tormenting thoughts.┬áJust who in the hell do I think I am, trying to get rich? Even though my goal is simply to become financially secure, to have enough money to be safe in the event I ever have to stop working again, the thought torments me just the same. Think about it:…

  • Frugality,  Minimalism,  Personal,  Simplicity,  Success

    Is Your Life in the Black?

    I ran into an old friend the other day. We hadn’t seen each other for several years so we took a few moments to catch up. My friend announced proudly that he had recently purchased a house, showed me his car, and bragged about his high-paying job. He was a little worried about making the new house payment but his…