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Can You Afford Your Cable Bill?

When I left my abusive husband I had no job and no money.

I had to think fast.

I had three bored kids in a tiny home all screaming for entertainment.

I had to find a way to occupy those kids so that I could focus on getting a job. I also needed to distract myself as I struggled through a messy divorce.

Desperate for a solution I tried everything looking for an answer to the question:

How do I watch television for free?

We tried antennas but the signal stank.

We borrowed movies but the selection ran out.

We even tried renting—but you have to have money for that.

Late one night I sat crying at my computer. What type of mother couldn’t even afford cable for her kids?

That’s when it hit me.

Try the Internet.


I opened a browser and started searching. The web was still fairly new at the time but after some digging I hit paydirt.


I made a few mistakes, crashed my computer and infected that machine more times than I can count. I strived to learn from those early days, driven by the fact that my family could now

Watch television for FREE!

Not only television but movies, webisodes, anime, documentaries, cartoons, trailers, tutorials and even more revealed themselves on my computer screen.

My kids became very happy after that.

I have crammed over a decade’s worth of experience into this book. Within these pages you will find:

         How to prepare your computer system

         What software you need

         How to watch movies on your television

         A list of video websites

         Tips about registration

         Torrent and File Sharing Safety

         How to deal with pesky popups and ads

         How to view movies and shows

         How to find new video websites

         And more!

The tips and websites within this book are the very same ones that my family uses today. We watch whatever we desire and outside of our monthly internet bill we don’t pay a single penny.

Wherever you are with your finances, chances are that you struggle to pay your bills at times. I’ve been there and I would like to make your entertainment expense less of a burden on your family.

Purchase this book today.


You can cancel your cable bill tomorrow.

Annie Jean Brewer combines minimalism and frugality to live the life of her dreams. You can learn more about her by visiting her website

Clipart used with permission from Microsoft.