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This has all the tools to get going on that ebook!

By thefreelifelover

ďI like many others have had the idea of writing an eBook. Many things get in the way of ever getting around to doing it. I have bought other books in the hopes of gaining the tools and or the knowledge to do so. This book has solved the majority of My questions and concerns. I do not have a computer, she showed Me how to do without it, I don't have a writing program, she showed Me where to get one for free, this list goes on and on . I now have the tools to get going on that ebook, without money, a computer, programs, or even internet service! If I can do this certainly anyone that wants to write a ebook can also.Ē

How to Write and Sell an Ebook

Do you want to write and sell an ebook but donít know where to begin?

Are you tired of getting rejected by publishers and laughed at by your friends because you keep saying youíre going to be a published author but you donít have anything to show for it?

Do you look at the ebooks others have made and dream that one day you could do that too?

Not too many years ago I felt the exact same way. I spent years of my life writing, submitting, researching and getting rejected over and over again. After a while I even gave up, reasoning that I was too stupid to ever become a writer.

Boy, was I wrong!

Now the author of numerous books, I live the life of my dreams. I am a single stay at home mother who lives entirely off of book royalties while I craft my next releases.

It took a lot of research but I figured out what the big publishing houses donít want you to know:

Anyone can write and sell an ebook.

All you need is a good idea that you want to share with others. You donít even need a computer!

This guide will lead you through the process of choosing a subject, outlining the steps, what software to use and how to create your first ebook even if you don't own a computer!

Once you create your ebook you will learn where to go to market your masterpiece, how to encourage others to sell for you and even how to collect the money.

This beginnerís guide takes the mystery out of ebooks and dispels the myth that states you have to use expensive computers and software to create one.

Contents include:

Computers and Software

How to Choose a Subject

Where to Begin

Basic Formatting

Graphics and Covers

Selling Your Ebook

Promoting Your Ebook

Sit Back and Wait

Helpful Links

And more!


If youíve ever dreamed of writing an ebook you need this guide. It is written in simple, easy to understand terms designed to get you published fast.

Get started today!

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