I have a confession to make. With the exception of my panties, every single piece of clothing that I am currently wearing was either gifted to me secondhand or thrifted.

My tee shirt was a handmedown from my daughter Katie when she became sick of it. The button-down shirt I’ve layered on top of it was purchased at the local clothing closet during one of their sales, where you can purchase a whole bag of clothing for a dollar. I bought the jeans I’m wearing at the same time as the shirt. My flip flops were originally gifted to my youngest from my middle daughter then later passed down to me.

You wouldn’t know it if you passed me on the street. I am clean and everything is in good condition. While I may not be dressed in the fanciest items, that is by choice and not by necessity. You can get some really fancy clothes at a thrift shop if you know how to look. In fact, I have a leather jacket that looked practically brand new when I stuffed it in my bag at the same sale where I purchased my jeans and the button-down top, which means I paid less than a dollar for it.

Of course, companies don’t like it when you do this. They want you to spend your hard-earned cash buying new stuff. They’re even selling clothing that looks ragged and filthy for hundreds of dollars these days, clothing that looks so nasty that I wouldn’t be caught dead in it unless I had spent the day digging a ditch!

So before you visit your local mall I urge you to hit the yard sales and thrift shops in your area. Instead of buying new I encourage you to look through your closet and use something you own already.

And above all, I urge you to stop spending cash to buy something you don’t absolutely need.

Where did you acquire the clothing you are currently wearing? Please share your stories in the comments below.

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  1. Right now, the t-shirt and pants I am wearing were purchased from a thrift store. But I have a confession to make, too. I needed to be ‘better dressed’ for a ceremony I was attended and I knew I would be co-mingling with some of the ‘upper crust.’ So I went to a woman’s retail shop and purchase two spring sweaters that cost me over $100 on sale! UGH! I could kick myself for that. I did need something to where because nothing suitable I had in my closet fit now that I gained 30#. Dang it. Now I am working on dropping those 30# so I can fit into the clothes I have. No more new! I should have planned ahead and did some thrift shopping to buy the clothes I needed for the ceremony. I put it off until the day before!

    1. Hi Cam!
      My daughter is the world’s worst for that, so don’t feel lonely. While I generally don’t play along, her father enjoys earning brownie points by taking her shopping and letting her get what she ‘needs.’ I stay quiet with her on the subject–it’s his money, after all.

    1. Hello Shaloo!

      Thank you for sharing the differences between India and the United States. I love learning about how other nations do things. Can you share more about how clothing is purchased and handled in your country? I would love to know.

  2. Hi Annie,

    I admit that my basic daily wardrobe consists mainly of tee-shirts, jeans, sandals or tennis shoes, a quartz crystal pendant on a chain, and my good purse. Can you believe that almost all of my tee-shirts were free? LOL! Where I live, I trade books at a local, large, u-trade-it type book store for their store credit voucher. Then I can buy a used book or two, or any of their store merchandise, including a brand new tee-shirt! I have won many contests where part of the prize was a free tee-shirt! I own a few pairs of jeans which I take good care of with no rips or stains. After I wash my jeans, I hang them up to drip dry to last longer. I bought a new good purse at the Ross Store—a discount name brand store—and receive many compliments. I always wear some kind of a crystal pendant on a chain and earrings or bracelet—-good costume jewelry. The only “perfume” that I wear is a spray from a plastic fragrance bottle like Calgon from Walmart Store. Sometimes I will wear a bit of lip gloss and powder and eye makeup—and that’s it. For such a simple daily look I get many complements regarding my purse and simple jewelry. I have a simple hair style and color my hair, too.

    I do own a few dresses and a business suit that virtually never leaves my closet, along with a couple of pairs of dress shoes and accessories. Plus, I own a few exercise outfits for home exercise tapes, underwear, socks, and nightgowns. I live in Arizona, so we almost never wear a coat or jacket except later in the year. I can get by wearing a hooded sweatshirt in fall or spring late in the evening. I always keep an umbrella in my car in case of rain.

    I think that when I reach my goal weight in the future, I want to totally change my clothing style. I want to buy those books where you only need to buy several key pieces of clothing, plus good accessories, and create many outfits like in Europe. I have never understood the women who must purchase closets full of clothing and never have enough. Then what do they do? These women donate their “old” clothing to charity and must keep buying more. At least these charities can use good items for sale. There’s my clothing rant! Well they say that great minds think alike. Keep writing Annie.

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