10 Things Challenge Update

I wandered to the outbuilding today and tossed a few things from there. Most of what was discarded was in the building before I bought the place but such is life.

  1. Three mismatched Hubcaps
  2. non-functional lamp
  3. empty box
  4. cigarette making gizmo
  5. Bag of unknown items
  6. Broken carafe from unknown coffee maker
  7. Springs from old chair
  8. rusted brake drum
  9. Some broken toys
  10. Broken knife

There were some other things, but I didn’t know what to call them-enough to almost fill my Herbie. I left space within it for any trash I will need to discard between now and next Thursday.

I did discover some things I had considered lost: my whetstone, some matches, the missing clothespins (how they got there I will never know), 2 plastic glasses and an egg slicer.

I probably should just discard the egg slicer—it’s not like I ever use it.  In fact, I didn’t realize it was lost until I located it because I always use a knife to slice and chop my eggs!

It really feels good to thin down. I am in hopes by summer’s end to have that outbuilding thinned down to a degree where I can shift some of my more permanent storage items down there. I know—the ideal situation is to get rid of the junk, but some of this stuff I am just not ready to part with yet.  As they say on that hoarding show, if you part with things too quickly or easily you will accumulate more junk.  My goal is to do this gradually, for a more permanent result instead of a temporary fix.

Overall, I’m not doing too bad. 

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