10 Things Challenge Update

I started a new list of things I eliminated from my life, not realizing that I would quickly go over the ten item limit.  Here is what I have eliminated so far last night and today:

  1. Lotion bottle (contents pooled with another container)
  2. Broken digital camera I know I will never attempt to repair.
  3. Old dropcloth.
  4. DVD video of a convention.  I ripped the contents to my hard drive so that I can pass the video on to someone who can use it.
  5. Old pillow.
  6. Post-it note pad.
  7. Stack of music CD’s I haven’t listened to in years.
  8. DVD of a movie I detest.
  9. 2 boxes of old matches that have apparently gotten damp at some point.
  10. Box full of old books, some of which will be listed on eBay.
  11. Damaged music CD’s.
  12. Miscellaneous shirts.
  13. Pair of leg warmers (where did these come from?).
  14. Short sleeve sweater (when I’m chilly I much prefer sleeves so this never gets worn).
  15. Easel (given to my sister who will actually use it).
  16. Pile of old and mismatched socks.
  17. Pile of worn-out cleaning rags.

What have YOU managed to eliminate from your life?  

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