10 Things Challenge

David has posted a challenge:  Eliminate 10 things from your life every week.

Okay David, I’m game!  Let’s see what I can do!

I went through my house this morning and chose my 10 items.  In some ways it was harder than I imagined it would be, but the freedom I felt when done was so intense that I actually went over the mark a touch!

Here’s my list:

  1. Hat that I never wear.
  2. Mixer with a missing beater (I never used it even before I lost the beater).
  3. Stack of papers I planned to print on the back-side of before using as a birdcage liner (going straight to the bird cage now).
  4. Several pairs of old socks (why was I keeping these–I have a ton of new socks).
  5. Pair of old undies.
  6. Pack of cigarettes from years ago (I don’t even smoke, but they were stashed away nevertheless!)
  7. Stainless steel paper towel holder (no longer needed since we almost never use paper towels these days).
  8. Stainless steel napkin holder (has never been used for napkins and is no longer needed for holding paper cause I toss my paper now).
  9. Small pet transport box, saved for the guinea pigs to play in.  Now placed in their pen so they can enjoy.
  10. Unused oven mitt.  I always grab my cloth towels for this job–why am I keeping something I never use?
  11. Unused pot holders.  Same reason as #10.
  12. Old Convention flyer I found stuck in a book.
  13. Plastic banana stand.  I wanted one of these things for years then after the purchase discovered that wanting is better than having!  Good-bye, wasted money!

I took a picture of most of the items, but missed the couple of items I went over on.  Oh well–you get the idea!  

That was kinda fun, so I’m planning on keeping a running list of the things I eliminate in preparation for next week!

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