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I am not a fan of single purpose gadgets. In my opinion, it is better in most cases to spend a little more money for a device that will serve many purposes than to have a collection of single-purpose devices laying about.

However, there are times when a single purpose device makes sense. For instance, it can be prohibitively expensive to purchase and repair a combination washing machine/dryer for your clothes. By investing in the single purpose washing machines and dryers, you will save money in the long run on repairs alone.

That said, there was one single purpose device that I told myself that I would never buy. I saw no point in purchasing a Kindle ebook reader since I could read the ebooks I purchased on my computer, my iPad mini, or a number of other devices. Unfortunately, since my injury I have a problem with backlit screens. While I can use them for short periods of time if I dim the screen, reading on a backlit device for long periods of time is entirely out of the question.

My friend’s daughter (technically my God-Daughter) loaned me her Kindle paperwhite as a test. When it ended up being a game changer I saved up the money and invested in a Kindle of my own. As a result I am now able to read my significant library of books in comfort again.

Part of me feels guilty about buying the Kindle. To ease the pain of my purchase, I went with the cheapest Kindle they had, complete with ads (as much as I hate them). Right now I could not justify spending an extra $20 to avoid them.

For the record, I am extremely grateful to be able to read my ebooks again.

What was the last single purpose item you purchased and why? Please share your story in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “A New Gadget”

  1. I have a Kindle since last 4-5 years but I must confess that it’s lying unused in my drawer and sometimes I regret spending money on it. I don’t enjoy reading on Kindle and I prefer real books.

    1. Hi Shaloo!
      Each of us has different preferences; what works for one might not work for another. To be honest, I never planned to buy a Kindle since it was a single-purpose device. However, since I like to read really old books (and some really big ones) I believe that the device will save me money in the long run. I can find digital books for free on places like Kindle and Project Gutenberg that I would have to pay for if I decided to get the print versions. It’s also a lot easier to carry a Kindle everywhere instead of a 1,000 page book lol! I haven’t given up print entirely, however…I have a small collection of books at home to read through!

  2. Recently I had to go for an overnight work trip that involved a lot of buses and trains, I mentioned to my partner I wanted to find a way to listen to music. The problem being my phone dosent have enough space and the majority of my music is on CDS for my car and radio. He joked that I should get a CD Walkman like when we were younger so we looked and found one for a very reasonable price, I did use it on the trip and it even brought back lots of memories. At first I liked the idea of keeping it but I can’t think of any upcoming reasons I would use it so I have resolved to return it, I’d rather not having it taking up space in a drawer.

    1. Hi Samantha! That was a great idea, using a Walkman when you wanted a portable music player. It sounds like you really enjoyed using it. And I perfectly understand wanting to pass it on if you have no plans to use it again. Good for you!

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