A New Home

I went to look at another place today.  A mobile home.  Apparently the lady who owns it needs to get it off of her hands and is offering it to me at a price too good to pass up.  The whole deal is screaming at me to “TAKE IT, stupid!”

Should I move there, I will reduce my housing expenses from $250 a month to $100 a month for lot rent.  That would be it, plus utilities.

That would free $150 a month for savings and other things.  It is about fifty miles away from here, so I would have to start over once again, but I would own my own place again!  I have missed owning my own place!  There is even a little fenced in area for the little mutt to run.  It is close to stores, and a short drive from Sam’s Club.

I knew for some reason I was guided to come to this place but I just knew that I would not stay here… 

This will be the answer to some prayers.  A place to call my own.  Yes it means another move and another school, but after this we would be settled for a while.  I would be stupid to let a place like this pass by.  Stupid.

I could save a few dollars here, enough to hire an attorney should my ex decide to start harassing me again.  I would have the money to stand and fight instead of run.  

It is all electric, which means that I would have to get a back up heating and cooking source, but that is no big deal.  I already have a kerosene heater, so if I got a camp stove it would be all good.

What do you think of the place?

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