Hi. I’m Annie. I am 54 years old and I live a simple life in a small house in Kentucky. I enjoy writing books that help others.

When I’m not writing I’m busy pursuing my two dreams. I am in college, pursuing a Business Administration degree while I continue to learn about Linux, which is my favorite computer operating system.

My most popular book is called The Shoestring Girl: How I Live on Practically Nothing and You Can Too. I am also the author of The Minimalist Cleaning Method and some other books.

I keep this website simple for a reason. I want to provide a place that is free of advertisements, a place where you can relax. If you like it here and wish to support my work, I have several books available on Amazon and other ebook retailers. Just look for “Annie Jean Brewer.”

If you would like to contact me, to tell me to jump off of a bridge or whatever, you can reach me at annie(at)annienygma(dot)com. I don’t check it every day, but I do check it.

Have a wonderful day!