Another Book

These past several weeks have found me wandering the aisles at the local bookstores, yet finding nothing of interest.

Yesterday I went to Office Depot to have a book rebound, and went next door to the bookshop to just wander about.

At first I thought about buying a novel, but something inside urged me to set it aside and keep looking.

Look I did, but I was not sure what for. Over the racks I browsed after setting my initial choice aside, following a feeling.

A book caught my eye I had wanted to examine. I picked it up, leafed through it thinking perhaps this is what I was to see? It wasn’t the one, so I placed it back on the shelf.

Then I saw it. Jammed between scores of books on the exact same subject. The Book.

I had seen this book previously yet passed it by, but this time I knew I had to take it home.

It is the Idiot’s Guide to the Law of Attraction. Why I was not attracted to it in the past I cannot say, for I have held it in my hands and returned it to the shelf several times without a feeling at all concerning it, but yesterday I knew I had to purchase the volume.

Since bringing it home last night – I wish I could explain. I have been reading it, digesting it. It contains what I need to increase my knowledge of the Law of Attraction, of this Secret.

I have good feelings about this.

Life is about to become even more magical than it already is…

I love this life!

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