Another day another dollar

Today was a good holiday.  Worked for several hours, posted some articles, including a piece of fiction, so I feel as if it were a productive day.

Returned the plastic container to my neighbor and thanked her for the wonderful food it contained, and watched the last part of Extreme Home Makeover at her home.

We treated ourselves to some ice cream, my daughter got us a small bag of chips, and we watched a movie on Hulu.  Life is good.

Trying to think of ways to reduce our expenses and increase our freedom.  Haven’t any answers yet, however. When you have a child things are always more complicated. You have to allow space for them to play and grow, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

The challenge of seeing things and not purchasing them is a challenge.  We are so trained to buy buy buy that it is really disgusting. Even as a child my father thought it best to buy instead of make when he had the money to do it, and he was raised during the first Great Depression!

But everything that we do not buy is a victory and brings us closer to the freedom that we crave.  I do wonder if I will ever see this precious freedom however.

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