Back to the Futon

I wrote here that I had been sleeping in my sleeping bag again.

However a couple of nights ago I fished out the futon again and went back to sleeping on it.


For one, it’s out of my closet.

Two, I don’t get twisted up inside of it when I toss and turn.

Three, it’s easier to get out of when I have to make a trip to the bathroom at night.

The bathroom one is the biggie. I’ve about killed myself a couple of times half asleep thinking I’m out of the bag and trying to take a couple of steps!

Anyhow, I’m not eliminating the possibility of sleeping in a bag in the future but for now I’m back to the ole’ faithful futon.  Maybe I should just cut it down to a single size and be done with it..(maybe I’m too lazy to do that much work too…).

I haven’t done much  downsizing lately, though I have noticed that my dishes are done more often now that I have downsized my silverware collection, so I have less dirty dishes piling up the place—a very good thing…

Anyhow, gotta take a moment to give some kudos to David for eliminating a huge shelf and downsizing his car.  He has also downsized his apartment to one half the size (and $400 less a month) and only needs 10 boxes to move now! David, you rock dude!

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