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I write books. I live on the bit of money that I receive when you are kind enough to buy one of those books. While I would like to be rich enough to give everything for free, I’m not. Every little bit you contribute helps as a result of that.

I absolutely detest websites that offer you a piece of nothing for free if you sign up to join their mailing list. The ebooks and crap they offer you end up being little more than glorified advertisements, used as an excuse to collect your email address so they can spam the living shit out of you. That’s why I don’t have a mailing list. I detest spam and I refuse to be a hypocrite just to make a few bucks. If you want you can subscribe to this website by sticking your email address into the little signup box on the slide-out menu at the top of the page but if you don’t that’s fine by me. Should you decide to do so, however, rest assured that I will never, EVER spam you. You’ll receive a notification when I publish a new post (usually 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and that’s it.

You also won’t find a lot of advertising on this website. It is hypocritical to run a website about buying and living on less while begging your readers to buy your crap so I refuse to do it.

I’ve written a lot of books sharing my odd view of life in hopes of helping others. My most notorious book is titled The Shoestring Girl: How I Live on Practically Nothing and You Can Too, but The Minimalist Cleaning Method is pretty popular as well. You can find them at the following places:

Barnes and Noble
Apple iBooks

They’re on sale at other places too but you get the picture. Just do a search for my name (Annie Jean Brewer) and I pop up all over the place. If you see any you find interesting, feel free to buy one. I keep the prices cheap for a reason.

Thank you for your support!