Broken Bones

I received a letter from Katie yesterday. As I was reading it the phone rang.

It was the kid.

She’d suffered multiple stress fractures in her right leg during a PT test in addition to injuring her knee. As a result, the Navy was sending her home.

To say that she was disappointed would be an understatement. Even with a fractured leg she was only 14 seconds shy of achieving her time on her PT test that day.

Well, shit.

I kinda liked this empty nest thing but I can’t fault the kid for getting hurt. I know from experience just how easy it is to be injured in the military. I’m just grateful it was caught before her leg shattered.

She’ll be shipped home in about two weeks. After that comes the process of helping the kid heal and building her up for her next adventure. Only time will tell what it will be.

In the meantime there is a bright spot. She’ll continue to share the bills once she gets back on her feet. She’s already gotten two job offers locally now that the news is emerging. That will give her time to recuperate and figure out her next step while making life a bit easier on me once she recovers.

Life is still good. It’s completely chaotic at the moment, but it’s still good.

So what’s been going on in your world? Please share your stories in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Broken Bones”

  1. Sorry to hear about Katie but when one door closes another one or a window opens up. Having said that I know here in Colorado they have technical schools and one of them is Emily Griffith and it has a Quickstart culinary program which is a month long and is totally free they also have a building trades program which is totally free one month I don’t know if you have that school there But you might look into something like that for Katie. Or look at a technical school if they have one close by. But I’m positive that you have already looked into stuff like that but you never know.

    1. Thanks, Sally. At the moment she needs to heal; after that I’m sure she will figure things out. From what I gather, she wants to try again with the Navy once she recovers, but who knows what she will end up doing? At this point, Mom is simply her support system.

  2. Or look at jobs Corp. It is a free program and can take anywhere from 9-18 months. Here in Colorado you have to study three different subjects (career paths) and it is free. You live on campus and basically everything is provided. A good program.

  3. Bummer! I’m sure the next step will be a good one, though.

    In response to Sally’s comment, I read the other day that young, female welders are starting at $20 an hour so trade school might be an excellent choice.

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